Great Book of the 20th century

I'm enjoying your Website. I've already read your review of Flawed Expectations and have printed out others to be read later. I had read the Hill and Madges book (H&C) and had independently formed the same judgement about it--that it put the Catechism (CCC) on the same level with feminist, liberationist, and other academic theologians, as if they all were dishes at a buffet that we could choose from according to taste--that somehow the Magisterium had to be "tempered" by these other voices. I was saddened by that approach. In fact, several years ago, it took me by surprise when a local diocesan priest expressed misgivings about the Catechism. It had never occurred to me that a priest could be anything but reverential toward the book. When I read the CCC, I praised God. I think it is such a wonderful book, perhaps the Great Book of the 20th century. I'm sure the present pope (another awesome gift of God to us) will be remembered for many accomplishments, but if the only thing he had accomplished during his pontificate was the publication of the Catechism, that alone would justify his historical importance. I wish I had had the CCC when I was studying at the Greg. I think I would have gotten a lot more out of my studies had I had such a brilliant one-volume compendium of the faith. I'm particularly impressed with the last section on prayer. I never expected to have such a gem of spiritual theology in a catechism.

--David Carey, Professor of Philosophy (Whitman College)