Is Burial Space a Problem?

i was just curious if land space for burial will or if it already is a problem. could creamation be a solution? thank you,



Dear Janessa,

Cemeteries are a miniscule part of the total land area of the world. I don't have the reference at hand, but I remember reading that the present cemeteries in the U.S. have enough space to accomodate the entire U.S. population thru the end of this century.

The question of course is what the value is of devoting any land to the burial of the dead. From a biblical point of view the answer is clear (see:Burial Rites in The Bible ) Even from strictly human viewpoint there is a value to the green spaces which cemeteries provide in our urban areas. In Peru they are places of family gathering and they could certainly be that here if we recognized the importance of remembering our deceased loved ones. The danger in cremation is lack of reverence, especially if the person's remains are scattered. If cremation is used, the remains should be respectfully placed in the ground and a marker provided with the person's name.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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