I'm a convert. Jesus stated that unless we eat the flesh of the Son of Man, there is no life in us. This was foremost of his moral laws, I believe. Correct me on any points, as time or interest allow, but I believe this is the pivotal "moral law" that Jesus gave us. Thus, Dave is not following Jesus' laws in full, as are few of us Catholics, myself foremost (foreleast?). Anyway, the Catholics are taught that this life is warfare and we are to put on the armor of Christ. Thomas a' Kempnis' "My Imitation of Christ" often puts this warfare (constant infection by temptation and falling into sin as a result of following our flesh's directives) at the forefront of its explanations of spiritual life. It also correlates these findings with scripture in full. So, we as Catholics are taught, and as scripture teaches, that this warfare is instigated by temptation, and as Jesus's temptation fully illustrates, temptation comes from the evil one, satan.

Consequently, and as ridiculous as it often, if not always, seems, faith alone and actions fulfilling that faith in the directives of the Trinity are the only way to overcome temptation. See St. Bernadette's digging of the ground in search of water at the behest of the Blessed Mother, for instance, covering her face with filth, and the resultant mockery and scoffing she was subject to, only to have "the last laugh" so to speak when the water appeared and healed thousands. Hundreds of other examples exist in the Bible and in Tradition and in the lives of the Saints. Dave needs to examine these events and get more data.

Also, as the Blessed Mother continuously chides us, take action and Pray! Pray! Pray! No prayer, no faith, no Divine Intercession against temptation. Tell Dave if his scientific mind craves proof, just do the 54 day Rosary petition. My prayers were answered in totality and I got a bonus kicker of getting to hear the voice of the satanic entity who had been plaguing me from my youth! God truly brought me to my knees on that one, I can assure you all! Satan exists; he is extremely intelligent, he knows scripture (don't forget his ruses at Jesus' temptation and the hundreds of Protestant sects and the disarray of the post-Vatican II Church) and we are protected from him only through the intercession of God's grace. Jesus also made no bones about this truth, in addition to his "moral law" directives. Dave has got to get the whole picture, not just the Protest-ant pieces!! Sorry if I've gone overboard. Thanks for your terrific web page!!! Bye!

--Craig Nim