Confessing the Sin of Masturbation

I was reading your web page and found it very interesting. I am a member of ______ church. And I was looking for some answers and found them on your web site. I was particularly interested in the confession of sins portion. I have a dilemma of sorts. Though you say each confession is confidential, still I feel the priest now knows this about me. The Father I would be confessing to I work with on other matters, various committees we are both on, and I know I should not be embarrassed by the fact that he knows these things about me. Still I would be.

I often go to confession and do my best to confess this particular sin I am faulting on, it seems always. I go in and try to say it without actually saying it, so that Father would not really know what it was, but God on the other hand already does. And when I leave I have some form of satisfaction, but still I don't because though I have absolution, it was not for the deed that was misdone. Pretty much like I am doing here.

The misdeed in question is masturbation. Once I had courage to tell a priest at a different church, and that priest became quite upset. Which of course scared me, not because I did not deserve is, but what will my parish priest think of me from now on.

Well I appreciate you listening(reading), its nice to have someone to talk to on this, a chance maybe to let the demon escape to haunt me no more. I understand I may not get a repose to this, I image you are quite busy. I know how are priests are, we have two, but one is retired. I hope your parish is in good health.

Thank you



Dear J,

Sorry I'm so slow getting back. I am sure you pastor would understand since it is such a common sin. Still you might want to see if there is a nearby parish with a convenient confession schedule. The grace of confession and communion will eventually enable you to overcome the sinful habit. Sometimes God allows Satan to tempt us - and for us to fall repeatedly - so that we learn the greatest virtue, humility and complete dependence upon him. I encourage you to read St. Therese, especially her Autobiography.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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