Confession before becoming Catholic

when one is confessing, prior to easter vigil, as I will be doing - ( RCIA classes) and one has committed a sin(according to the church doctrine) that regular or cradle catholics would be excommunicated for,would this exclude me from coming into the church? I know that all catholics do not agree with all teachings of the church, and continue actively in the church. I do appreciate your answer.


As Jesus said, Do not be afraid. When you confess the sin, the priest will be able to absolve you. As you note, excommunication would only apply to someone already Catholic, but even in that case (for example the sin of abortion which incurs an automatic excommunication) the priest has the authority to lift that excommunication when he gives abolution. Keep your focus on Jesus when you go to confession. The priest is a sinner like you but at that moment does give Jesus' forgiveness.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


Thank you for your reply! This weekend I was reviewing the Penance section in the Catechism and it also gave me hope. One of my priests said, for us not to worry, they have heard it all before! I know they have heard murder and all the 10 commandment sins, at least once if not more! Over the last many years since this incident I have prayed and have felt God has forgiven. Until I started thinking my first confession, did I start to actively pray over this again. I still feel he is with me and led me to "The Church" to bring me closer to his ways and teachings. I of course, will express this in confession as well. It is a shame we are not born with the wisdom that comes with age and experience, and we do not heed the warnings of others when we are young! I just hope that my experiences will help others to lead the best path to God and serve him!

Thank you and may god bless you and keep you always.


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