Post Abortion Resources

Fr. Phil,

I wanted to add to your compassionate comments to the woman who wrote the following:

"I somehow can not bring myself to face a priest and tell him even in confession about this great sin. I only pray to God that he will forgive me this. I needed to talk to a priest. That is why I have written this email. Even here I can not bring myself to tell my name. I am so scared but I do not know how to do what I know I have to - go for confession."

Having been in her shoes, as you know, I would like to encourage her to consider contacting the Project Rachel office in her diocese. She can talk anonymously to an understanding, trained counselor who will help her overcome her fears and direct her to a priest who can bring her God's mercy, forgiveness, and peace. Here is a website with lots of links to Project Rachel programs nationwide: Project Rachel: Resources. There is also a good series of articles on post-abortion healing (in addition to Liane's moving testimony that you have posted) to be found here: Restoring Hope, Finding Forgiveness. I know firsthand the shame and guilt she is experiencing. I lived with it for more than 15 years. I would like to tell her that, for me, the very hardest part was picking up the phone to make the appointment with the priest. I actually called and hung up several times before God gave me the courage to speak. And though the actual confession was not easy, it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I will keep this young woman in my prayers. Feel free to forward this e-mail to her, or post it on your page.