Father Bloom:

I found your site through the Catholic Goldmine pages. It's great! I am happy to see a preist vocalizing the Church's position on many controversial, yet critical, socio-political issues. Now to my brief questions.

First, does the ill child on your page still need help?

Now... I am currently in the RCIA. It's great, but I have some questions that have not been addressed directly yet. When I confess before my baptism and confirmation at the Easter Vigil, am I correct in thinking that I must confess every sin I can possibly remember? Since birth? Also, I am very interested in theology... I am an undergraduate English/Journalism student currently, but I am considering graduate work. Are there any paid positions in the Church for lay people? For instance, when I start a family I hope to spend time at home with the children but also to contribute to society through work. It just seems like the perfect situation, so I was curious. My RCIA instructor, for instance... she is actually on the staff... does she have a salary?

Thanks, I hope I am not taking too much of your time.



Dear Susan,

Thanks for your e-mail. Sorry I am slow in responding. Yes, Francisco (and many other children at the Mary Bloom Center) need help.

About confession. The Catechism has a section which should answer most of your questions, but yes, every mortal sin committed since baptism should be confessed. Bbaptism itself gives complete forgiveness of sins, so if indeed you have been validly baptized, you will not need to go to confession. (I have however had new converts who felt the strong desire to state their sins to a priest before being baptized.) On my website there is a sermon and article on Confession of Sins which I hope could be of some help.

I am glad you are studying journalism. We desperately need Christian and Catholic people in that area.

Yes, there are some paid positions in parishes. It varies a lot from place to place.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. There is correspondence on specific topics relating to confession such as Masturbation and Birth Control.

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