Is Circumcions Mutilation?

I have been doing some reading, and have read about the churches opposition to sterilization, and also about removal of a healthy body part to prevent disease (ex: having a breast removed to prevent getting breast cancer). I understand that the church sees this as mutilation, and that it's sinful. I am wondering what the church says about circumcision. I have never heard that there is any opposition to it, but can you explain to me why this isn't considered mutilation? We are considering having our son circumcised, and I wanted to know the church's view on this. Thanks!


Some argue that circumcision is mutilation. To me that argument is faulty, somewhat like saying having ones ears pierced is mutilation. By contrast, amputating an otherwise healthy breast would require a lot to justify - and destroying ones ability to procreate by tubal ligation or vasectomy seems to me the most extreme example of mutilation (short of commiting suicide).

Circumcision is in a special category because of the biblical teaching and great amount of theological reflection connected with the practice.

Prayers. And congratuations on your child.

God bless,

Fr. Bloom


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