Every Catholic's Personal Library

(Ten Recommended Books)


Thank you for your time!

What are your recommendations for every Catholic's personal library? (just the top ten, if that many)




Dear Huong,

Here are ten I recommend:

1.  Ignatius Bible
2.  Catechism
3.  Augustine:  Confessions
4.  Aquinas:  Summa Theologica
5.  Therese:  Autobiography
6.  Chesterton:  Everlasting Man
7.  Lewis:  Miracles
8.  Lonergan:  Insight
9.  Weigel:  Witness to Hope
10. Crocker:  Triumph

The first two are the only which are completely essential. The last one does not have the same level of genius as the other nine, but it is a readable, one volume history of the Church. Three other books which should be on the list are: Newman's Apologia, Pascal's Pensees and Law's Serious Call. There of course are many others, but those are a good start.

God bless - and good reading. As Paul said, "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind." For a literate person that means daily spiritual reading, especially the Bible and Catechism.


Fr. Bloom


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