Is It Wrong to Vote For Kerry?

I do have a question for you Father. I was planning to vote for John Kerry, since I disagreed so strongly about invading Iraq, plus I never could stand George W Bush. Someone just sent me this link however, which clearly shows the depth of Kerryís pro-abortion stance. Is it wrong to vote for him? I figured that the likely hood of the president being able to change the abortion law was remote compared to his very definite power over foreign policy.

Since I wonít vote for Bush, I might abstain, if itís wrong to vote for someone so pro-abortion. Itís very discouraging. Hereís the article about Kerry, itís really pretty shocking.

Sincerely, Jan Skiba


Dear Jan,

Thank you for your email - and the important question. You have put your finger on the dilemma for those of us who believe our faith should influence every choice we make. Although voting is not the greatest duty we have, nevertheless it is a duty and a serious one because, thanks be to God, we are citizens of a democracy.

The most helpful short pamphlet I have seen is Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics. It identifies five "non-negotiable" issues which would disqualify a candidate. I encourage you to read the whole article and see if it makes sense to you. It has a concise section on the role of conscience which will help clear up common misunderstandings. It even has a suggestion on what to do when there is no "acceptable" candidate.

As a way of thinking about "non-negotiables" Fr. Frank Pavone wrote an article titled You Wouldn't Even Ask. Here is part of what he said:

"If a candidate who supported terrorism asked for your vote, would you say, "I disagree with you on terrorism, but where do you stand on other issues?" I doubt it. In fact, if a terrorism sympathizer presented him/herself for your vote, you would immediately know that such a position disqualifies the candidate for public office ó no matter how good he or she may be on other issues. The horror of terrorism dwarfs whatever good might be found in the candidate's plan for housing, education, or health care. Regarding those plans, you wouldn't even ask."

Support for terrorism is not on the list of five non-negotiables because it is extremely unlikely any candidate would take that position. Just like no candidate today would favor slavery or taking citizenship away from Jews. In other times those would have been (or should have been) non-negotiables for any Christian. Today we face different, but no less serious, challenges. Catholic Answers has again provided a concise, authoritative statement to help a serious Catholic respond to our current challenges.

Most important for us is prayer. We do have to pray for Kerry, Bush, all others who have such important roles in our society. And for us little people. We have more power than we think - and we will likewise be judged both by history and by God for how we use it.

God bless, Jan.

Fr. Bloom

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