Questions about Catholic Faith

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201. Sexual Activity Before Marriage: "Can you please tell me if any or all of these things are sinful: french kissing, fondling, fellatio...?"

202. From Chris: "As I grew up I developed a strong Fear of Hell..."

203. From Daniel N.: "would very much appreciate any additional information on the Holy Year Indulgence"

204. From Joe: I'm thinking of changing the name of my site to Mere Catholicism. What do you think?

205. From Doug: A Response to John Irving on Abortion.

206. From Jenny: Sexual Boundaries and Mutual, Peer Relations (Rev. Marie Fortune)

207. From Daniel H.: "is there a Catholicism for Dummies book or website that could clear things up for me?"

208. Letter to Brill's Content, Re: Hitler's Pope

209. From Barry: "looking at a woman with lust is a sin. So why does my local parish not have a Dress Code?

210. From Katie: "Why is Homosexuality considered wrong?

211. From Felix: Concerning Overpopulation and Extinction of Species

212. Christian Reincarnation?

213. From Jennifer: Can I be forgiven for Tubal Ligation?

214. From Lila: Frankenstein at the University of Washington

215. From Colin: Isn't it possible that God created us through Evolution?

216. From Dolores: "Your thinking (Women Priests?) makes women less than men."

217. From John: "Why is the church so hard on this subject (Annulments and Communion)?"

218. From Brian: "Jesus has not been with us for 2000 years."

219. My husband and I..would like to know the Church's position on this procedure (In Vitro Fertilization)


221. From Rev. Hollis E. Wright: On Anglican Female Priests - "What you have not considered is that God might actually call women to be priests."

222. From Dawn: "What exactly is an Internal Forum?" (Re: Annulments)

223. From Couples for Christ: "Why did God choose to humble himself and become present in the bread and wine?"

224. From C: Does the Bible Forbid Vasectomy?

225. From Elizabeth: Why the Debate about Women Priests?

226. From M: "In one word, please answer this: Is Masturbation a mortal or venial sin?"

227. From Paula: "Is Anthroposophy Secular Humanism?"

228. From Kristen: "Which Sins are Mortal Sins?"

229. From Andrew: "Why do we give up meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays of Lent?"

230. From Adam: "Is Ash Wednesday a Holy Day of Obligation?"

231. From Josh, Heather & Zoe: "So what happened to all those Catholics who ate meat on Fridays and went to hell?"

232. From S: A question about choosing godparents?

233. From Jim, re: legalization of abortion: What about victims of rape?

234. How can I get into heaven?

235. From Jamie: What is Overpopulation?

236. From Roy: Is Guilt a Temporal Punishment for Sin?

237. From Tony: A "Christian" who Believes in Reincarnation

238. From Mary Beth: Sunday Obligation - Is Missing Sunday Mass a Mortal Sin?

239. From Yury: Does God Love Us for what we are or what we do?

240. From a college girl: How Far is Too Far?

241. From Roy: Is Tube Feeding an Extraordinary Measure?

242. From Angel: Questions about Overpopulation

243. From John: Why Does the Church Keep Promoting Birth?

244. From Clare: "Your article on women and the priesthood came as close as any to a fair treatment of the arguments. However, I would like to humbly convey to you my own understanding which I have yet to read anywhere and which may bring healing on this issue for your readers."

245. From Derek: "Your critique (of Durant's Story of Philosophy) made sense."

246. From Kay: "There are many more people who are psychic than you may be aware of."

247. "I found your website by accident, and having lived for a couple years in Seattle, was actually expecting the worst..."

248. From JoAnne: "I was quite touched by The Bridegroom, the homily of Feb. 27."

249. From Ken: "I am not Catholic, however I do believe that Roman Catholics often get a bum rap from Evangelical Christians."

250. From Kathie: To the woman thinking of throwing in the towel after Three Children

251. Some Positive Feedback

252. From Art Lytle: Evidence for God's Existence from Life Experience

253. From John: About Immigration - "Time to Pull Up the Gang Plank"

254. From Tom: "...the Bible does not support meeting in a formal church building"

255. From Eric: Article on Women Priests "Just What I Needed"

256. From Brenda: "Confession over Phone?"

257. From Dave: What is "Center of Mass?"

258. From Joe: "I don't think you gave Stephen Hawking enough credit."

259. From Richard: "I do have a bone of contention to take up with you."

260. From Mark: "My impression was that purgatory was only for those who were already saved." (About C.S. Lewis' Great Divorce)

261. From Socorro: "Why are we, as Catholics, not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent?"

262. From Rich: "This question came from a Mormon friend after I explained Celibacy to him."

263. From T: "Is it okay to take medication to help stimulate healthy egg production?"

264. From Bill: "Can you comment on Papal Sins?"

265. From WP: Is Maturbation to relieve tension a sin?

266. From David: Why Have a Law Against Abortion?

267. From J.: "Just Obtained the Reverse Vasectomy...Is Masturbation OK to Obtain Sperm Sample?"

268. From Mystic Rose: Is John the Baptist the Reincarnation of Elijah? (What about John 1:21)

269. From C: I want to become a Catholic, but am concerned about Annulment Process.

270. From Barbara: Will Everyone Go to Heaven?

271. From S - A Teenager Struggling with Same Sex Attraction: Helped by David Morrison Beyond Gay

272. From Fr. Matthew: Was Carl Sagan a Wishful Thinker?

273. From Lorraine: Did Saint Christopher (St. George, St. Valentine) Exist?

274. From K: Where do Aborted Babies Go?

275. From Pastor Jenkins: Martin Luther's Teaching on Free Will

276. From Elizabeth: The Problem with Male Priests as Confessors

277. From C: "I am beginning to feel that the Church is no longer the true Church..."

278. From Stephen: "the position of the Catholic Church on population has done incalculable harm to the very human beings you profess to love..."

279. From Chris: "Following your recommendation, I have been reading Peter Kreeft's edition of Blaise Pascal's Pensees..."

280. From Lonely & Confused: "I haven't been able to forgive myself and I'm so scared of going to confession..."

281. From Adam: A Scientist with questions about Religion & Science

282. From Toni: The population in poor countries is growing faster than in rich countries. Why is this?

283. From T: "My doctor is concerned I may be having a Miscarriage..."

284. From C: Baptist Husband Seeking Annulment: May I Receive Communion?

285. From Greg: "Boy, do I have a different view of Catholicism now!"

286. From Mike: "religion must be merely a cultural artifact, since an omnipotent and loving God would reveal Himself equally to all His children."

287. From Larry: "I was also impressed by Saved By Grace Alone. I'm a Southern Baptist, and, frankly, did not expect it.

288. From Richard: "Did Carl Sagan ever reply to The Moral Law: A Response to Carl Sagan?

289. From John: "What guidelines do priests observe in restricting receipt of the Eucharist to communicants?"

290. From John Jensen: "'The Catholic Church never taught reincarnation.' It most certainly did..."

291. From J: About Confessing the Sin of Masturbation

292. From A: "I have this obsession, well not obsession, but lust toward male clergy..."

293. From Theresa: A Roseanne Roseannadanna commentary on Pedophiles and Priests

294. From Kelly: "I can't see how NFP and other forms of Birth Control differ..."

295. From J: Genuflecting at Communion - Should I Obey My Pastor or My Conscience?

296. From Anne: A Catholic relative marrying outside the Church - Should I attend the Wedding?

297. From Bong: "Please give me some points in doing a clear, short, interesting and heart-warming homily."

298. From Mark: How Can Jesus Say to both Honor and Hate Ones Parents?

299. From Janessa: Could Cremation be the solution?

300. From Taimoor: Correction - Islam Does Not Prohibit Milk

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