One Hundred Questions about Catholic Faith

(Correspondence with "Seapadre" - Fr. Phil Bloom)

1. From Ann: A question about Homosexuality.

2. From Lillie: Why does the Church cling to the Celibacy Requirement? (With Response from Ricardo.)

3. From Chas Walker: "How can you base your arguments on a religious myth?" (This refers back to the women's ordination article.) Reply

4. From Kevin: "Why are some people born with physical disabilities?" and "Why does God not answer prayers with certainty?" Reply

5. From Ken Stuart: Further questions on birth control. (Cf. previous article and correspondence.) Reply. Also see response from Eric

6. From Felix Meyer (Chile): A question on Overpopulation. (With Reply).

7. Also on the subject of Population from Bill Hoogsteden Father of Nine.

8. Pedophilia re-visited.

9. What does the Catholic Church teach about the Death Penalty?

10. Follow-up letter on Birth Control from Ken Stuart to Art Lytle and Response from Art.

11. From Bill: How can the Virgin Mary be Sinless?

12. From a Wisconsin College Student: Has Medicine gone too far? Includes question about the environment.

13. Bob asks: How do dinosaurs fit into the seven days of creation? Response from Eric based on City of God by St. Augustine.

14. A letter challenging my position on overpopulation.

15. Religion and Science (from T.S. Nyunt).

16. Fr. Armando: the Priest Shortage.

17. The kind of letter I love receiving!

18. From Chris: Dialogue and dissent.

19. Carlos: On Immigration.

20. From Clayton (Boulder, CO, high school student) on Overpopulation.

21. Jim Owens: a question about social nudism.

22. Questions from Bobbi about Heaven and Hell. "I have been talking to a Jehovah's Witness..."

23. Ken Lester: Cornell student discerning vocation to the priesthood.

24. Andy McAlpin: Entering seminary in Minnesota.

25. Susan: College student with encouraging words re: role of women, birth control, etc.

26. Joe: Abuses in Liturgy and Theological Teaching.

27. From Fran: A question about raising Teenage Sons in the Catholic Faith.

28. Brian Carnell: On Overpopulation.

29. Ravyn: If heaven is so great, why are you against abortion?

30. Charlotte: A Question about Annulments.

31. Can you give me Biblical quotations that prohibit Pedophilia?

32. Scott Rogge: Priesthood and Fatherhood.

33. The Disney Boycott.

34. Letter from Eric on Natural Family Planning. "My wife and I decided to live in accordance with the church's teaching regarding this matter..."

35. From Tarlac Philippines. Charismatic Renewal.

36. From Joe: in favor of Women Priest.

37. Testimony from local Young Adult.

38. To C.: How to become a Catholic, plus question about marriage case.

39. Responding to "shock" questions.

40. From P.H.: Can you tell me if Jesus ever drank wine himself? And if he did drink, was the wine he drank alcoholic?

41. Fan mail from a Baptist.

42. From George: Science and divine punishment.

43. Correspondence with Rick about our relationship to the dead.

44. From "Reyna": "What makes you so egotistical...?" (Do we have a right to impose our abortion views on others?)

45. From Fr. Joe: Misuse of the term science.

46. Why should I believe in Christianity?

47. From Rich S.: Should B.C./A.D. be replaced by bce/ce?

48. Correspondence with T.: Abortion and Forgiveness.

49. Divorce second wife to be able to receive communion?

50. Question about the Mission statement "The Church proposes. She imposes nothing.

51. From Jim, re: What Every Catholic Couples Should Know.

52. From Aaron (ucsc) Project Rachel (post-abortion healing).

53. From Zev Lagstein, M.D., Re: Evolution

54. From Wanda: Should I leave the Church if I disagree with its teachings?

55. Question about Liturgical abuses.

56. From Marcelo-Brasil: An accusation of homphobia.

57. From Seth: Mary as "Co-Redemptrix".

58. From Kathleen T. Choi: Vatican Wealth

59. Where do I find the papal statement on Women Priests

60. Response to "What girls everywhere dream about..."

61. From Joyce: Communion for Divorced and Re-Married?

62. From Margarita: How would you define Contraception? (Includes comment on "Morning-After Pill")

63. From T.: A friend's suicide

64. From Daniel: Please recommend a handful of books on Catholicism for my future reading

65. From P.: Valid Form for Consecration at Mass?

66. From L.: I am a non-practicing Catholic. Can I Get Married in the Church?

67. From Susan: Confession of Sins Before Easter Sacraments?

68. "I disagree with your views on Women Priests

69. From a Catholic Journalist

70. From Skip in Nova Scotia. Re: Miracles--Touched by God

71. Re: Confession before becoming Catholic (When one has commited a sin which would cause excommunication)

72. From Larry: Did Jews Kill Christ?

73. From Steph: Necessity of Baptism and Confession?

74. From E: Re: Birth Control & Confession

75. From Chris: "Stop Being Judgmental!"

76. From John: A question about Self Disclosure

77. From Don: Is there an after life for dogs?

78. From T.: Lawfulness of oral sex?

79. From Erik: A list of books about St. Augustine?

80. From Janet: The goal of Man's Search

81. From Eileen: Would Meatless Fridays be a real Sacrifice?

82. From Fr. Daniel Adner: A Catholic Website from Sweden

83. From Chrishan: A question about Purgatory

84. From Heidi: Your views on women priests are certainly outdated.

85. From Bruce: Catholic Biblical Quarterly on Women Priests.

86. From Patrick Coffin: Priestesses?

87. From Josh: Authority of the Church: "How are we to know whether we should follow the Church or not on any given matter? If there is a teaching of the Church that an individual disagrees with, must that individual leave the Church?"

88. From Sommers: Overpopulation, Environment and Evolution: "as far as I'm concerned, preserving the planet that supports us should be our number one priority."

89. From Audra: Some questions on overpopulation

90. From Howard: A novelist with a question about cloning

91. A question about my review of Man of the Century (The "embarrassingly external" piety of Pope John Paul II).

92. To a Woman who Had an Abortion

93. From Richard (re: my comments on Secular Humanism): Accusations of "arrogance" and "canned rhetoric."

94. From Godwin: about Moral Law Essay ("the reason I became an atheist...")

95. From James: A question about Overpopulation and Environment. "Personally, I believe that we humans have a negative impact on the environment."

96. From Rev. Sarah Wood ("Witches For Life"): in support of article on abortion.

97. From David Carey, Professor of Philosophy (Whitman College) The Great Book of the Twentieth Century.

98. From Craig Nim: A Response to Dave Stark

99. From Pete: Nothing Sacred and St. Patrick's Breastplate

100. Question about Masturbation


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