Is the Catholic Position Irresponsible?


I so deeply regret the position of the Catholic Church on population. It has done incalculable harm to the very human beings you profess to love, and beyond that to a host of animals and plants. Look into the faces of the children living and dying in beehive-like heaps of filth and tell me there is not a population problem, and tell me how your attitudes and propaganda serve them and not you. Your position is increasingly irresponsible and misguided. Ehrlich's prediction was that the world would end in a great crisis or fade into what he called "the Whimper" of environmental degradation, fueled by an ever-multiplying human population. There's plenty of evidence that the latter is well under way. The future your religious institution promotes is to me an image of Boschian hell. I know you mean well, but you are terribly, terribly wrong. The Catholic Church needs to temper its beliefs with environmental realities. The dignity of Man is not realized in a packed and dirty room.

Stephen Kepple


Dear Stephen,

I did spend seven years with the poorest folks of this hemisphere (apart from Haiti). Whether they are more miserable - or more happy - than two children families (or childless couples) here in Seattle is a debatable question. Given certain opportunities, almost all the families progressed materially during the years I was there. The Catholic Church is doing a lot to promote the physical well being of people in Peru & other countries, altho our main work is to help everyone discover the true Source of human dignity. Do you see what I mean, Stephen?


Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. By the way what are the main evidences of "environmental degradation" since Ehrlich wrote Population Bomb in 1968? Here in the Seattle area, which has experienced a huge population increase, we have actually cleaned up lakes & rivers as well as lowered air pollution.



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