Bulletin (January 9, 2005)

Last week we officially opened our parish Capital Campaign, “Building A Better Parish.” At all Masses during these next six weeks, we will say the Campaign Prayer after Communion. The Campaign will address the most pressing physical needs of our parish -- from roofs to rest rooms, from sound systems to asbestos removal, from parking spaces to accessible meeting space for funerals and wedding receptions. It will also get us into the black financially and repair the damage done by past leaks in our church and other buildings. The Campaign will lay a solid basis for the future – for our children and the diverse communities that call Holy Family Parish their home.

I am excited about this project. The Campaign to raise $1.5 million seems ambitious, but I know that we can do it. During the past six weeks we have carried out the silent, leadership phase of the Campaign. It involved setting the ground work for the January receptions, as well as a series of dinners to present the case to people who could give advanced gifts. The dinners were hosted by Honorary Chairs Lou and Diane Tice, Nell Wheeler, Carlos and Trinidad Gonzalez, Ted and Sarah Naff and Dominador (Toti) and Marilou (Malu) Fuentes. Dom took the picture of me, Father Ramon and others enjoying a delicious buffet at his home last Sunday.

We have received advanced pledges ranging from $75,000 to $11. The $11 was a spontaneous offering from an apostolic group that met at Holy Family and the seventy-five thousand dollars from one our leadership dinners. We have also received a number of pledges between $25,000 and $3,000. One family, which is already giving each Sunday and sending their children to Holy Family School, have pledged an additional $50 a month for the three years time period of the Campaign. I have been humbled by the advanced pledges because they represent a significant sacrifice and a great love for Holy Family Parish. I do not ask that each family gives an equal amount, but that we all make an equal sacrifice so that we can realize our parish dreams and work together for our common future. I have made my own pledge and have asked members of our parish and school staff to do the same. During the next weeks, I will ask each of you to make a pledge. On Wednesday I mailed an invitation to each registered family to attend a Campaign Reception during this month of January. If you did not receive an invitation, please call Dan O’Connor (our campaign consultant) at 206-767-6220.

Next Sunday (January 16) Archbishop Brunett will be at Holy Family Parish for a kick-off Mass for the Campaign. Please, if you are able to arrange your schedule, join us at the 11am Mass. After the Mass, Archbishop Brunett will be in our parish hall for a reception. It also turns out that this is the Archbishop’s 71st birthday so we will have a “surprise” party for him at the reception. (The picture on the right shows Archbishop Brunett after the ordination of Abel Magaña to the permanent diaconate, September 14, 2003.)

Esta semana comenzamos oficialmente la Campaña Capital. Durante todas las misas durante las próximas seis semanas, rezaremos juntos la Oración de la Campaña después de Comunión. La Campaña enfrentará los problemas físicos más urgentes de nuestra parroquia: desde los techos hasta los baños, desde el sistema de sonido hasta la eliminación de los asbestos, desde el estacionamiento hasta un espacio accesible para recepciones de bodas y funerales. Nos pondrá en “negro” económicamente (es decir, eliminar la deuda) y nos dará una fundación sólida para el futuro – para nuestros niños y las diversas comunidades que llaman a Holy Family su “hogar.”

He escrito más en la sección inglesa sobre la Campaña y el apoyo que ya hemos recibido. Varias familias de nuestra comunidad hispana ya han hecho compromisos entre $20,000 y $1,800. No estoy pidiendo la misma cantidad de cada familia, pero que cado uno de el mismo sacrificio. Para algunos mil dólares dados durante tres años es ya un gran sacrificio, otros pueden dar más. Yo y varios miembros del equipo parroquial hemos hecho nuestros compromisos. Durante el mes de enero voy a pedir un compromiso de todo feligrés. Habrá tres recepciones para la comunidad hispana: el 18 de enero (martes) a las 2 p.m. y 6:30 p.m. y el 19 de enero (miércoles) a las 7:30 p.m. Toda recepción se llevará a cabo en el salón parroquial de la escuela. También habrá recepciones después de las misas del 29 y 30 de enero. He enviado invitaciones a todas las personas en nuestra lista parroquial. Si Vd. no ha recibido una invitación, favor de llamar a Mónica, 206-767-6220.

El próximo domingo el Arzobispo Brunett celebrará la misa de 11 a.m. para dar inicio a la Campaña. Habrá una lectura y unos cantos en castellano. Favor de hacer el esfuerzo de asistir a esta misa y la recepción después de ella. Por casualidad es el cumpleaños (71) del arzobispo. Habrá una fiesta de sorpresa para él durante la recepción. Que vengan todos.