Bulletin (October 5, 2008)

This past week we mailed the Annual Report. If you are an identified donor to Holy Family Parish, you either received the report – or will receive it early next week. The report has four parts: 1) a letter from me thanking you for your Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure that enables us to realize our parish mission, 2) highlights of the past year, indicating some of the things your Stewardship made possible, 3) a summary of revenues and disbursements in the past fiscal year (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008) comparing them with the previous fiscal year and the budget for our current year and 4) some details on “Stewardship – the First 5%” (your donations to the parish) and “Stewardship – the other half” – our support of needs beyond the parish: our community, the Archdiocese and the universal church.

The Annual Report is especially important this year. All of us are concerned about the financial crisis facing our nation. It came about because of bad Stewardship and has created uncertainty for people in our country and around the world. This crisis should cause each of us to reflect on the meaning of Stewardship in our lives: how we are using the gifts of time, abilities and financial resources entrusted to us. As a parish we strive to be good stewards of the trust you place in us. If you have any questions about the report, please communicate with me, with my parish administrator, Gary Samaniego, with members of our Finance Council, with Stewardship Coordinator Mary French or any member of our parish staff.

In the same mailing with the Annual Report, I am including a publication that helps illustrate the meaning of Stewardship. Some of the illustrations are lighthearted – like the pastor who received unusual donations, such as a spare tire! It also contains testimonies from a college student, a retired person living on a small pension and social security, and a message from “Deacon Dave.” I particularly like the little reflection titled “Give First – Manage the Rest.” It explains what it means for God to come first in our lives. In addition to the Annual Report, you will receive a separate mailing with your personal third quarterly report (July – September 2008). I send you this regular report to thank you for your steady Stewardship and to make sure that we have accurate records of your giving. If you have any questions about your quarterly report, please contact Mary French at the parish office (2060767-6220).

Speaking of reports, I asked Mrs. Anca Wilson (Music Coordinator at our English Masses) to give a brief summary of the music surveys you filled out a number of Sundays ago. She did give a summary at the 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Masses, but here is brief written report on the surveys:

The surveys revealed that music at Mass is very important for parishioners. Some favorite hymns are: Panis Angelicus; How Great Thou Art; Amazing Grace; Here I Am, Lord; Christ Be Our Light; O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and many Marian hymns. The parishioners attending the 8 am Mass have a desire to hear and sing Latin hymns and chants. Those attending the 11 am Mass have a strong preference toward a mix of traditional and contemporary hymns. They also like to hear children singing during Mass.

I am going to Peru this coming week. Fr. Armando Red will be in charge of the parish during my absence, with the capable help of Deacons Ted and Abel, Parish Administrator Gary Samaniego and the rest of the parish staff. During my absence, Mary French and others on our staff will be focusing on the results of our Parish Council’s year-long discernment of what it means for Holy Family to become a Stewardship Parish. We had a great retreat on September 27 at the Palisades Retreat Center. The picture below shows those who attended the retreat (photo by Alex Sheng). The Parish Council Executive Committee (Rica Herrera, chair) met to flesh out the final form of the document. When I get back in November, I will be presenting the document to members of our main consultative bodies (Finance Council, School Commission, Parent’s Club Officers and the Parish Council itself), to our parish staff (including those working at our parish school) and to the heads of various parish ministries. We, of course, will make available to all parishioners the results of this vital discernment.

Top row: Greg Miller, Angelica & Victor Ramirez, Fr. Bloom, Emy Bansale, Rica Herrera, Mary French, Steve Stilwell
Bottom: Theresa Lambert, Ginnie Hance, Stephanie Sheng, Rosa Velasco, Anca Wilson

One of the goals in our Stewardship Plan is “to take a delegation to the Mary Bloom Center in Peru to see the mission work there.” This important goal is something I will have in mind as I visit Peru this October, and after I return on November 6, I will be setting up a meeting for those interested in working on this project.

In the Spanish section, you will see a picture showing your Stewardship dollars at work. We are finally getting new roofs for our rectory and Ailbe House. The currents roofs have served us well for over fifty years, but they are beginning to have significant leaks. It was time to replace them, and hopefully the new roofs will serve for a couple of generations. With the completion of this project, we will now have new roofs for our four major buildings: church, school, rectory and Ailbe House. Thank your for your generosity which makes possible these projects – and our entire parish mission.

Finally, a big thank-you for your contributions last weekend for the Peruvian Sisters. The Vincentian Daughters of St. Paul do heroic work caring for orphans and the needy in the poorest areas of Peru. They also have brought the most effective help to victims of last year’s earthquake. The Mary Bloom Center works closely with the Daughters of Charity in Puno. I know that Sister Maritza and the other Sisters will be greatly encouraged by your support – and will remember you in their prayers. You can also count on the beautiful prayers of the orphan girls and my own humble prayers during my weeks in Peru. I ask you also to remember me, the Mary Bloom staff and volunteers – and all of our wonderful Peruvian brothers and sisters.

Esta semana estoy enviando del Reporte Annual a todos los donadores identificados. Tiene cuatro partes que explico en mas detalles en la parte en ingles. Junto con el reporte hay una publicacion que da ejemplos de la Co-Responsabilidad. Especialmente en este tiempo de crisis economico es importante reflexionar sobre el significado de la Co-Responsabilidad en nuestras familias y vidas personales.

Por un envio aparte, les voy dar sus reportes personales del tercer cuarto (julio a septiembre 2008). Les envio este reporte periodico para agradecerles por su Co-Responsabilidad constante y para asegura que tenemos records exactos de sus donaciones. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el reporte, favor de llamar a Monica en la oficina parroquial (206-767-6220). Su co-responsabilidad ha hecho posible los nuevos techos para la rectoria y la Casa Ailbe. Hay mas detalles en mi columna inglesa.

Voy al Peru el dia lunes. El Padre Armando Red estará responsable por la parroquia durante mi ausencia, junto con nuestros diaconos (Ted y Abel), el administrador parroquial Gary Samaniego y los otros del equipo parroquial. Durante este tiempo pondremos en su forma final el discernimiento del Consejo Parroquial sobre los que significa para Holy Family ser una Parroquia de Co-Responsabilidad. Tuvimos un retiro el 27 de septiembre (ver la foto en la seccion en ingles) para juntar los frutos de un año de discernimiento. (Victor y Angelica Ramirez pueden responder a sus preguntas sobre este proceso.) Les informaré mas sobre este plan cuando regrese del Peru. Uno de las metas del plan es “llevar una delegacion al Centro Mary Bloom para ver la obra misionera alla.” Espero que varios de ustedes pueden participar en este proyecto importante.

Finalmente quisiera agradecer a ustedes por sus contribuciones el domingo pasado para las Hermanas Perunas. La Hijas de la Caridad hacen un trabajo heroico con los huerfanos y necesitados en las areas mas pobres del Peru. Tambien han dado la ayuda mas eficaz para la victimas del terremoto. El Centro Mary Bloom trabaja con ellas y yo se que la Sor Maritza y las otras hermanas estarán agradecidas por su apoyo. Ellas y las niñas les recordarán en sus oraciones. Pueden contar con mis oraciones y les pido las suyas para mi, el equipo del Centro Mary Bloom y todos nuestros lindos hermanos peruanos.

Procession in Honor of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Sept 28, 2008; Holy Family, Seattle, Fr. Armando Red
Assisting Elderly Parents

Well known author, Erma Bombeck, was driving her mother around town when she had to come to a sudden stop. Erma instinctively reached out to steady her mom – realizing at that moment that their mother - daughter roles had been reversed.

How can we honor aging parents (Ex. 20:12) and return the love they have given us? While the proper care of parents can be an emotional topic, it’s much more effective to have “the discussion” before things get out of hand.

Living arrangements will probably top the list of concerns for parents and family. My mom and dad expressed a desire to stay in the home they raised us in as long as possible. This was helpful for me and my siblings to know, and I am grateful we have been able to honor that request.

When it comes to money issues, it will often make sense for parents to select one child, and an accountability partner, to take the lead in managing their affairs. It’s also important during this transition to make sure there is a solid estate plan in place.

Finally, remember the squeeze that occurs on family members who are involved with the care and oversight of elderly parents. Make sure that adequate emotional support, respite care, and financial remuneration are part of your plan. God love you!

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Parish Stewardship Giving Summary
Wk.13 of Fiscal Year (July 6, 2008 – September 28, 2008)

Amt. Needed 1st Collection Each Sunday:	$ 14,100.00
Sept. 28 Check/Cash Envelope:	$   6,741.25
Sept. 28 EFT (Automatic Deduction):$      746.07  
Sept. 28 Loose Cash:			$   3,423.10  
September 28 Total Offering:		$ 10,910.42
Weekly Income Difference:		       (-)	$   3,189.58 

Fiscal Year to Date
Goal 1st Collection FY to Date:		$ 169,200.00      
Collected 1st Collection FY to Date:		$ 139,276.86
Difference 1st Collection FY to Date:     (-) $   29,923.14

Some of the Gifts from the Other Half of our Stewardship
Second Collection: Peruvian Sisters:		$     1,861.36
San Lorenzo Ruiz				$        250.00
St. Vincent De Paul:				$        122.00
The Minimum Wage is now $8.07 an hour. Would you consider giving to the Lord at least one hour per week of the Minimum Wage?

Or, if you are making above that, would you consider giving one hour per week of your hourly wage?

For on-line donations to parish or school: www.HFSeattle.org For on-line donations to the Annual Catholic Appeal: http://www.seattlearch.org/ACA

Annual Catholic Appeal Update as of September 30
Total Pledged:			$78,133
Required Contribution:	$62,759
Possible Rebate:		$15,374

Total Paid:			$49,584
Balance:			$28,549
Fulfillment Rate:		63% 	

Thank you for your on-going generosity to the Annual Catholic Appeal. We are currently at a 63% fulfillment rate. Please remember that all money collected over our Required Contribution amount will come back to the parish and be used to purchase a beautiful new hand-carved church sign and other landscaping projects. We hope to have some initial possible drawings of a sign posted soon in the vestibule.

Last year, we only received approximately 1/3rd of our possible rebate. This year, we would like to ask that you please stay faithful to your pledge so that we can receive the full $15,374 rebate, which will help us tremendously in accomplishing our goals.

If you have fallen behind in your pledge or are not able to give your original pledge amount, please consider making a one-time gift or lowering your monthly rate rather than total non-payment. Again, this helps us significantly towards reaching our required contribution amount and beyond.

Thank you again for your support of the greater church in Western Washington.

Mary French

40 Days for Life, Seattle; Sept 30, 2008

Mary, Becky, Tori, Fr. Phil, Roger, Cliff, Todd, Samwise

With engaged couple: Louis & Sheila

Frank & Kim's Engagement, September 14, 2008

Louie & Melanie: Splitting & Stacking Wood, September, 21, 2008

Melanie Landscaping

Samwise at Mike & Linda's Russel Road home

Alpacas at Triangle Cove, Camano Island

Samwise on Camano Island

Samwise Carries a Small Log

Camano Island at Dusk, Sept 14, 2008