Bulletin (February 5, 2005)

Let me start with a big thanks to our Knights of Columbus for a wonderful Crab Feed and Lovers’ Dance. They had a sold out crowd and earned funds that they will use to support activities at Holy Family Parish, as well as Archdiocesan seminarians. Also, I wish to thank St. Martha’s Sodality for the Pancake and Sausage Breakfast – and chili bean lunch last Sunday. I was a lucky raffle winner at both events: a candy basket at the Knights event and a Dutch oven with kitchen towels and heat resistant pot holders from St. Martha’s Sodality. The candy is pretty well gone, but I plan on using the Dutch oven next time I go to my brother’s place on Camano.

The celebration of Catholic Schools Week has gone very well. We had a number of activities at our parish school, including Wednesday lunch with parents and other family members present. I was impressed by the number of parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts who took the time to come to Holy Family. Mr. Lutz also commented on how impressed he was by the attendance. I have to admit it was a bonanza for me since so many bring extra food, which they kindly shared with their pastor. I had pizza, egg rolls, fresh vegetables, teriyaki chicken, as well as various pastries and deserts. This weekend we culminate the celebration of Catholic Schools Week with the 5 p.m. Saturday Mass – and participation of teachers, parents and students in the other weekend Masses.

I want to thank you for your contributions last weekend to the two-bit collection, which will go toward the repair of the roofs of our two portables. You can see the collection results in the Stewardship Corner. This Sunday our two-bit collection goes toward Tuition Assistance. Your contributions will help worthy families send their children to our school, and it will help our school balance its budget.

Next weekend the second collection will go toward our parish religious education program, specifically for the retreat for RCIA and Confirmation candidates. Those who attended the 11 a.m. Mass last Sunday saw a group of young people who presented themselves for the Rite of Signing of the Senses. They look forward to Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at the April 15 Easter Vigil. We also have a good group of High School juniors and seniors (and other young people) who are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation on May 28. For these two groups, I hope to have a retreat on April 8 featuring Catholic lay evangelist, Mark Shea. The retreat will be open to the parish at large: more information in next week’s bulletin.

Earlier this year Bishop Eusebio Elizondo visited the classes at Holy Family School. He encouraged the students to study hard so that they can become the leaders our society needs. He singled out three issues: capital punishment, unborn human life and the sanctity of marriage. While a state has the right to use the death penalty, and we sometimes strongly feel that certain criminals deserve capital punishment, still we should seek other ways of protecting society and punishing the guilty. On the other hand, no one has a “right” to take an innocent human life – and the most innocent is an unborn child. We must work for ways not only to legally protect unborn children, but to support mothers who are in a crisis pregnancy so they will not feel forced to make a choice which will damage their lives forever. Part of that involves defending the sanctity of marriage, an institution God gave us when he created us male and female.

Next weekend we will observe World Marriage Day. I ask you to join with me in honoring all married couples and praying for them. We need to pray in a special way for young married couples who are under such attack. It seems like it is a major part of the devil’s plan to drive a wedge between husband and wife – and thus bring great suffering not only to them but their children. We are in a spiritual battle.

Speaking of spiritual warfare, I do have some good news. The statue of St. Michael, which was vandalized last summer, has now been repaired. It has been shipped from Italy and will arrive soon. I will keep you posted. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

If you are a Democrat and looking for a loving thing to do on Valentine’s Day, why not attend the meeting of Democrats for Life? They meet each second Tuesday in the University Branch of the Public Library, 5009 Roosevelt Way NE. Holy Family parishioner, Carol Waud, can provide more information at: companion914@comcast.net.

Are you getting in shape for the March 18 Cathedral Walk? We will leave from Holy Family Church at 7 a.m. and prayerfully walk the seven mile distance to St. James’ Cathedral. If you are unable to walk that distance, you are cordially invited to join us for the Mass in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral at 11 a.m. that Saturday.

On March 25 I have scheduled a training day for all of our liturgical ministers: ushers, choir, lectors, extraordinary ministers of Communion, altar servers, sacristans, etc. It will also be open to parishioners in general. I will take you through the Mass step by step and explain the different liturgical roles and how we can enhance our worship of God here at Holy Family Parish.

Finally, consider attending the Catholic Evidence Guild presentation this Monday evening. This is an excellent series to help you understand your faith and explain it to others.

Gracias por sus contribuciones el domingo pasado para la reparación de los “portables,” los dos edificios menores al lado de la escuela. Este fin de semana, celebramos Escuelas Catolicas con la presencia de profesores, papás y alumnos de nuestra escuela parroquial. Quisiera que Vds. sepan que la escuela es suya. Habrá informacion sobre lo que nuestra escuela pueda ofrecer a su familia.

El próximo domingo es Día Mundial de Matrimonio. Les pido unirse conmigo al rezar por y honrar a los matrimonios de nuestra parroquia. Estamos en una batalla spiritual y necesitamos la ayuda de Dios, los santos y los angeles. En cuanto a esto, tengo una noticia buena: la estatua de San Miguel, vandalizada durante el verano de 2005, ya está reparada y la están enviando desde Italia. Debe de llegar dentro de unas semanas.

Finalmente quisiera invitarles a la Caminata a la Catedral el 18 de marzo. Saldremos a las 7 a.m. y celebraremos la Santa Misa a las 11 a.m. en la capilla de la Virgen María. Todos son bienvenidos.