Bulletin (May 31, 2009)

This week has been extraordinarily busy. In addition to the normal parish duties, I have been getting organized for the move to Monroe – and doing what I can to prepare for Fr. Horacio coming to Holy Family. And in the midst of this, death never waits for a convenient time. A dear friend of mine, Esperanza Rich, passed away last week, and I have been involved in the preparation for her funeral Mass.

Esperanza at Mary Bloom Center Retreat on Taquile Island

At summit of Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca

For lack of time, I am not writing a full column, but I would like to share with you a few pictures. First of all, a very happy picture from our school’s production of Romeo and Harriet. How wonderful to see the enthusiasm and talent of our young people! I am grateful to Frank Cantwell, Anca Wilson and all those who worked with them on this amazing accomplishment.

Next two pictures of Marisol – a child in Peru facing hospitalization and a possible operation for cysts on her lungs. Marisol was one of the children selected for a tutoring program at the Mary Bloom Center. The program tried to identify some of the neediest families and offer tutoring twice a week at the Center. Like many other children, the tutoring program enabled her to greatly improve in school. When she was diagnosed with the lung problem, the Mary Bloom Center helped her mom get in contact with a social worker (shown in the picture) and also provided about a hundred dollars for medicines and food while she is in the hospital. I thank you for your prayers and support for the Mary Bloom Center that enables us to help families and children like Marisol.

Finally, I would like to share two pictures of Esperanza Rich, who died on May 21. The first is from last summer on Camano Island after our board meeting at the home of my sister, Melanie. You might sense from the picture that Melanie is doing well after her stroke a few years back. The second picture shows Esperanza during a 2003 visit to the Mary Bloom Center in Peru. We relaxed with a trip to the “floating islands” on Lake Titicaca. The picture shows Esperanza on a reed boat. Esperanza’s visit to Peru brings to mind an ongoing connection I hope to have with you. At the end of September, three Holy Family parishioners will accompany me and some others as a part of a delegation to the Mary Bloom Center in Peru. I hope that in this, and in many other ways, I will continue to have ties to you whom I love so much after our fourteen years together.

Eight Day Mass for Esperanza in Puno

Obst. Luz Marron, director of Mary Bloom Center

En la parte en ingles he puesto algunas fotos con explicaciones. Aquí me gustaria añadir unas mas del drama (“Romeo y Harriet”) y de la visita de la Sra. Esperanza Rich al Peru.

Las fotos muestran a la Sra. Esperanza con Sor Maritza Chambilla, directora del orphanato en Puno y con la Obst. Luz Marron que dirige el Centro Mary Bloom: