Bulletin (April 29, 2007)

Our school auction was a tremendous success. I want to thank the auction chairs, Steve and Melissa, and all those who worked with them to put together this year’s auction. It was wonderful to be able to use our school facilities once again. Even though we were a little crowded - thanks be to God, we had a great turnout - the renovated ground floor (Tice Hall) worked well for the silent auction. Upstairs, we were able to seat people for dinner – and there was even some room for a performance by Polynesian dancers. Local radio and television personality, Pat Cashman, served as auctioneer, and he delighted those who attended the event. Principal Glen Lutz will be giving you an update on the financial results of the auction. Besides raising money for the school budget, we had a “funded item” asking people to donate for ongoing capital improvements in the school building. Besides school parents and Holy Family parishioners, we had good support from people outside the parish (like Lou and Diane Tice), who believe in what we are doing here. Even though by the end of the evening I had pretty well lost my voice, the auction itself was a magnificent event. You will notice that we are following the Auction with a two-bit collection for Tuition Assistance. This collection is to help needy families be able to send their child(ren) to our parish school – but also that all of us would become more aware of the school’s mission to form disciples of Christ.

The success of the auction gives momentum to move forward with another important part of our parish and archdiocesan life: the Annual Catholic Appeal. This weekend is Education Sunday. After the homily, I will ask Emy and Rolly Bansale, together with their sons, Ralph and Renard, to give a presentation on why they support the Annual Catholic Appeal. They will speak about some of the great work the Appeal makes possible on the Archdiocesan level and how it impacts our parish. Although we fell a little bit short of our goal last year, the Archbishop gave a reprieve in light of the effort we made during the month of December and in a subsequent two-bit collection. This year our parish goal is $58,048. I believe we will not only reach that goal, but surpass it, so that we can receive a rebate. The rebate this year will be used to prepare the prayer room off the vestibule, which currently holds the statues of St. Michael the Archangel and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As you might remember, our statue of St. Michael was vandalized, but with the help of archdiocesan insurance, we were able to send it to Italy to be repaired. They did a beautiful job. Now, we want the statue of St. Michael to be accessible for devotion and prayer in an ambient where it is protected and secure. Your donations to the Appeal, beyond the Archdiocesan goal, will go toward the refurbishing of that room. Besides being a quiet place where people can pray in the presence of St. Michael and the Sacred Heart, the room will continue to serve as a room for brides and bridesmaids before weddings. It seems appropriate for them to get the protection of St. Michael and the graces which flow from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I believe that from time to time, all of us will want that help. Below, is a picture of the renovated statue of St. Michael. The Sacred Heart statue is in the Spanish section. In order to reach the Archdiocesan goal and to receive a rebate to prepare the shrine room, we need the participation of every parishioner. Last year 353 Holy Family parishioners made pledges to the Appeal. I am grateful to each and every one, but this year I am hoping that 400 parishioners – or more – will participate in the Appeal. Please listen carefully to the presentation by the Bansale family and consider making your pledge this weekend.

The coming month of May is a time of special prayer. May 1 is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. It is a time to pray for all working people under the patronage of St. Joseph. Even though our society is becoming more and more mechanized, we still depend on the manual labor of those in the service industries, restaurants, grocery stores, agriculture, hotels, health care facilities and many other areas. Probably the majority of Holy Family parishioners are engaged in that kind of manual labor. Their labor, often done for a modest income, makes it possible for people in this country to enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world. We should remember them on May 1 and join with them.

On May 1 we will remember a deceased parishioner who modeled his life after St. Joseph. Many of you knew John Carr and will recognize him from the picture below. The picture, taken on March 13, 2004, shows John at his West Seattle home with Holy Family’s favorite dog. John aspired to be a priest, but World War II intervened and he served his country as fighter pilot. When he got out of the service, he was told that he was too old to become a priest! John worked as a pilot for Northwest Airlines, and he devoted his life to very intense prayer. He witnessed to the dignity of each human life, beginning at the moment of conception and continuing through natural death. John was extraordinarily generous, always eager to help someone in need and to support the parish – and the good works of the Archdiocese. John loved our Tuesday evening Latin Mass and this Tuesday (May 1) the Mass will be offered for his eternal rest. All are welcome.

Now, I have only gotten to May 1, but I would like to mention other prayer events during the month. On Wednesday, May 2, our 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Mass will be for our nation’s leaders, that they will be able to find a just solution to the immigration problems besetting our country. Deacon Abel Magaña has been emphasizing that it will not be demonstrations which change people’s hearts, but prayer will. Only the Lord can make possible the inner conversion necessary for our society to truly prosper. On Friday, May 4, we will have a special Mass at 8:30 a.m. which will include the May Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We all need her motherly intercession. The month of May, with Mother’s Day weekend, Ascension and Pentecost Sunday, will come to its conclusion on May 31 with the celebration of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her kinswoman Elizabeth. I know that May is a busy month, but please make time for what is most important: you and your family’s relationship with the Lord.

Quisiera agradecer a todos que participaron en la Subasta (Auction) de nuestra Escuela Parroquial. Fue lindo ver tantas familias hispanas ayudando con ella. En la parte de inglés he escrito mas sobre este evento.

Tambien escribi sobre la Peticion Anual Catolica (Annual Catholic Appeal). Es bien importante apoyar al Arzobispo y las obra de la Arquidiocesis para ayudar a los necesitados, formar a niños y jovenes en la fe, educar a seminaristas y cuidar a sacerdotes y religiosos enfermos. Nuestra meta parroquial es $58,048. Podemos alcanzarla si tenemos la participacion de todos. El año 353 familias de nuestra parroquia participaron. Este año estoy esperando que al menos 400 familians participen. Si logramos la meta, todo dólar extra será devuelto a la parroquia. Vamos a usare este dinero para refaccionar el cuarto a la entrada del templo donde tenemos las estatuas de San Miguel y el Sagrado Corazon de Jesus. Abajo hay una foto del Sagrado Corazon – y en la parte de inglés de San Miguel Archangel.

El diacono Abel nos ha hablado de la importancia de la oracion para cambiar los corazones de los lideres del pais. Todos queremos una reforma justa de la leyes de imigracion. La misa de miercoles, 2 de mayo, 7 p.m., será para esta intencion. Favor de hacer todo esfuerzo para participar.