I will say it in my homily, but I want to write it as well: Thank you for your love and fidelity during these past fourteen years. I cannot begin to express all that you have done for me and all that together we have been able to accomplish. These have been the best years of my life and I thank you for them.


Next weekend you will receive a wonderful man as your new pastor. I have known Fr. Horacio Yanez for three decades. He is a good man and good priest. If you give him your full support and trust as you have given to me you will build upon the good foundation we have worked to establish these past years. Fr. Horacio will bring talents and abilities that will move our parish and school forward.


I will continue to support you with my prayers and I hope in other ways as well. I will, for example, fulfill my Annual Appeal pledge, and I ask you to do the same. Also, I intend to fulfill my commitment to the Randy Terlicker Endowment Fund, which is so vital to the future of our school and parish. And I hope to do what I can to encourage others to support this parish that has such a vital mission.


Please remember me in your prayers, as I will you. I ask you to say the prayer for the Year of Priests, remembering Fr. Horacio, Fr. Armando, Fr. Ramon and me. We priests deeply need your prayers. Below are some pictures - a few memories of our wonderful years together.