Bulletin (June 25, 2006)

This week we begin a major renovation of the ground floor of our parish school. Below, are some pictures which indicate the scope of the work. I want to thank all who have contributed to the Capital Campaign, which is making possible this work. I ask your continued support because we have much more work to do on our buildings, grounds and parking lots.

At the same time, I want to thank all who have signed up for the new Parish Pictorial Directory. If every household is represented, it will be a wonderful help to recognize and know each other. Every family who has their picture taken will receive a free directory as well as a free 8 X 10 picture. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase further pictures. I realize, that with increasing gasoline and other prices, many families will not have the extra cash to buy pictures. Please do not let that prevent you from having your picture taken. Olan Mills has guaranteed us that there will be no pressure to purchase pictures. Sign up this weekend - or sign up on line. It is easy, and it is a great boost to our parish community.

Finally, some have requested that the Parish Council Minutes be available to take home to read. In the vestibule, you will find copies of the minutes of the important joint meeting of our Parish Council, School Commission and Finance Council. Please feel free to pick up a copy to read at your leisure. You can also read the minutes online at:/june8jointmeeting.htm

Ground floor of Holy Family School which will undergo major renovation this summer:

Girls bathroom will be demolished to make way for two new classrooms:

Current walkway between boys and girls bathrooms (boys bathroom will also be demolished to make way for new restrooms and a small kitchen):

Minutes of Parish Council, School Commission & Finance Council meeting

Governor Christine Gregoire vs. Washington State Pharmacy Board

Esta semana hemos comenzado la renovaciÓn del primer piso de la nuestra escuela parroquial. En la parte de inglÉs hay unas fotos que indican la extensiÓn de esta obra. Abajo hay una foto del area entre los baÑos actuales. Van a ser demolidos para hacer espacio para nuevos baÑos, una pequeÑa cocina y dos nuevas salas. Quisiera agradecer a todos que hayan contribuido a la CampaÑa Capital que hace posible esta obra. Pido su continua colaboraciÓn porque hay mucho que hacer en los edificios, los terrenos y estacionamiento de nuestra parroquia.