Bulletin (July 22, 2007)

You probably noticed the work on the south side of our parish school. The tuckpointing is necessary in order to prevent leaks into the classrooms. This is part of our ongoing effort to keep our buildings in good condition. Some of this is being accomplished by your contributions to the Capital Campaign, but there are other needs which we have to cover out of our operating budget. The operating budget mainly comes from your contributions to the first collection. The Stewardship Summary gives a report on how we are doing in relation to overall needs of our parish.

In addition to the first collection, this year we will have some two-bit collections dedicated to specific needs of the parish. This Sunday the two-bit collection will go toward Parish Grounds and Landscaping. With the help of various volunteers, we do our best to keep the grounds clean and beautiful. We need the cooperation of everyone to accomplish this important goal. The second collection will help provide necessary funds for the upkeep of parish grounds.

Next Sunday the two-bit collection will go toward the purchase of acoustical tiles for the Tice Hall on the ground level of the school. The Tice Hall can accommodate a group of around one hundred people, but the noise level makes it difficult to carry on a good conversation. I ask you to be especially generous with next Sunday’s two-bit collection so that we can equip the Tice Hall with acoustical tiles.

The Tice Hall has gotten very good use this past year. On July 31 it will be used for a reception after the Memorial Mass for Nell Wheeler. You are all invited. As a member of the Parish Council and as a major donor, Nell had an important role in the Capital Campaign which made possible the Tice Hall and other improvements to our parish.

Speaking of Nell, one of the activities she was deeply with was the Catholic Scripture Study. She participated in the year-long studies of the Book of Exodus and the Gospel of St. John. This year the Scripture Study will focus on the Book of Revelation. There will be more information in our August bulletins on how you can participate.

This week I am going to Salt Lake City for the thirty-five-year reunion of my ordination class. Monsignor Robert Bussen, who is pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Park City, UT, is hosting the reunion. I am looking forward to seeing my classmates again.

The reunion coincides with Pioneer Day which is a Utah state holiday. Pioneer Day commemorates the day on which Brigham Young Brigham Young and fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints arrived in Utah's Great Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. I am looking forward to see their parade and visiting some of the Mormon sites.

I have always had a certain in Mormon history. Two of my classmates at Stanwood High were Latter Day Saints who later went on a two-year mission. They invited me to presentations on their faith. It had many attractive features, but their basic thesis did not convince me. It did not make sense that Jesus would found a Church, equip her with sacraments and the Holy Spirit and then allow her to fall into apostasy with the death of the last apostle – and then have to wait eighteen centuries for an enterprising young American to restore her. Still, we can appreciate Joseph Smith’s intuition that the Church needs a living magisterium. For us as Catholics that authority does not exist to give new revelations but to guard and interpret the revelation given by Jesus Christ. Since Jesus is God in human flesh nothing can be added to his revelation. We can only protect and faithfully apply the revelation he has given us.

Even if we disagree with the basic premise of Mormonism, we can work together with them on many levels and we can appreciate their zeal. Over the years I have received a number of converts from Mormonism and I have to say that each one has brought special gifts on account of their Mormon upbringing.

Finally, I want to say word of thanks to those who made donations for blankets for Peru. The extreme cold continues in the highlands of Peru and it has caused the death of children and elderly. The Mary Bloom Center is involved in the relief effort. Any donations will be well used.

Como se puede en mi columna en ingles, estamos trabajando para reparar el muro sur de la escuela. Agua estaba entrando y era necesario hacer este trabajo que se llama “tuckpointing.” Las segundas colectas de este domingo y el proximo van a server para necesidades no cubiertas por la Campaña Capital: Este domingo para los terrenos y el 29 de Julio para tejas acústicas para el Salon Tice. Agradezco su apoyo y sobre todo las donaciones en la primera colecta que se utilizan para la operacion continua de la parroquia.

Algunos de ustedes se han conocido a la Sra. Nell Wheeler que se nos falleció el 3 de julio. Vamos a tener una misa memorial para ella el 31 de este mes. Abajo hay una foto de Nell y su esposo, Al, que tambien descanse en paz. La foto de ellos se encuentra actualmente en el salon de pre-kinder de nuestra escuela. Como miembro del Consejo Parroquial y como donadora ella apoyaba la Campaña Capital que ha hecho posible estas renovaciones.

Esta semana voy a Salt Lake City para la reunion del aniversario 35 de mi clase de ordenacion. Regresaré el día viernes. En la parte en ingles he dado algunas reflexiones sobre el Mormonismo o sea la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días. Tienen sus puntos buenos, por ejemplo reconocen la necesidad de una autoridad para guiar la Iglesia, pero desgraciadamente no reconocen que Jesus ya ha dado esta autoridad en los apostoles y sus sucesores, es decir el Santo Padre y los obispos.