One of the biggest issues facing our society is immigration. Although many people have passionate opinions, we hardly have a consensus on how to approach this issue. In the Archdiocese of Seattle, probably no parish is more deeply affected by immigration than Holy Family. For that reason I am asking you to join with me in Day of Prayer for Immigrants and Hosts. The Day of Prayer will take place on May 31. I have invited Bishop Eusebio Elizondo to celebrate and preach at the 6 p.m. English and 7 p.m. Spanish Masses. In the morning we will have a special prayer service at our school - which incidentally has the highest percentage of children of immigrants. During the day we will have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the church. I ask you to make a special effort to come before Our Lord, to plead for our nation and its leaders - and for our parish.

May 31 has a special significance because it is the Feast of Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. We can see in them a model of the guest-host relationship. Elizabeth welcomed Mary with joy: “Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Mary, for her part, expressed deep humility and gratitude to God: “My soul magnifies the Lord...” On May 31 we need to pray for all hosts that they will open their hearts guests and recognize their dignity - and for guests that they will have grateful, humble hearts.

For my part, I am grateful to God that my grandparents had the gumption to leave Croatia. Although it is a beautiful country, it restricted people rather than give them opportunities. America was the opposite. More important, American society did a better job encouraging spiritual values. My grandparents became stronger in their faith when they came to this country. The same happens today (in spite of our society’s decline in recent decades). We often see a spiritual renewal of immigrants who come to Holy Family Parish. Their presence is blessing and an opportunity. Please mark May 31 on your calendar and participate in our Parish Day of Prayer for Immigrants and Hosts. I will give more details in next week’s bulletin.

It seems that God has answered people’s prayers in relation to the DaVinci Code movie. Its lack of substance has become apparent and many people have asked important questions: What really is the central teaching of Jesus? And who exactly was he anyway? Did he found the Church? What did early Christian writers teach about him? How did the Bible come into existence? You will find the answers to these and other questions in the book: The DaVinci Deception: A Hundred Questions and Answers about the DaVinci Code. You can purchase it for only four dollars from our parish book rack.

Thank you to those who have responded to the Annual Catholic Appeal. As of this Wednesday, 215 parishioners made pledges totaling $36,246.50. Of the 215 pledges, we do not know the exact amount of 74 pledges since the pledge amount was not written on the outside. We do not open the envelopes at the parish, so we will wait for the Archdiocese to send us those results. Also two parishioners made a pledge of prayer rather than a financial pledge. I thank all those who responded and as those who have not yet done so, to please fill our an Annual Catholic Appeal envelope this week.

Finally, I want to thank you for your support of the Mary Bloom Center. During my recent visit I once again saw the magnificent work of this medical clinic and education center, named for my


mom. Below is a picture of Nora Soto, whom we helped to set up in micro business buying and selling candy, yogurt and other products. In her stand you can see a container of Holy Family School chocolates, which were a big hit. Nora told me that she used the proceeds from the sale of the first ten bars to purchase twenty kilos of rice, which she will sell in smaller portions. Nora has two children and was recently abandoned by her husband. The Center is also working with him to help achieve a reconciliation and an acceptance of his proper responsibilities. Please pray for Nora and for the many people served by the Mary Bloom Center in Puno, Peru.


En la parte en inglés he escrito sobre el Dia de Oracion por Imigrantes y Anfitriones, el 31 de marzo. El Monseñor Eusebio Elizondo estará con nosotros para la misa de 7 p.m. Les invito la participacion de todos. Tambien invito otra vez su participacion en la Peticion Anual. La respuesta hasta la fecha ha sido un poco baja. Si no has devuelto su sobre, favor de hacerlo esta semana. Finalmente quisiera agradecer su apoyo del Centro Mary Bloom. Abajo es la foto de una famila ayudada por el Centro: Sra. Nora Soto, sus dos hijas y su hermanita. En adicion a ayudar a ellas, el Centro está trabajando por su reconciliacion familiar. Pido sus oraciones por Nora y todas las familias ayudadas por el Centro Mary Bloom.