Bulletin (October 1, 2006)

Last week we had a wonderful gathering for the blessing of the new Tice Hall. About eighty parishioners and supporters of Holy Family Parish attended the event. The picture shows Lou and Diane Tice receiving thank you posters made by students of our school. On the wall you can see the memorial plaque which lists all those who (as of Sept 8) had made a donation or pledge to the Capital Campaign. The plaque will remain until April of 2008 when we bring the Campaign to a formal conclusion. I want to thank all of you who made this renovation project possible. In the Annual Report, which I will send this month to all parish donors, I will list the various projects made possible by your support of the Capital Campaign.

When I was at my brother’s place on Monday, I put on the Internet some pictures of the blessing of the Tice Hall. You can see Fr. Ramon and Deacon Ted enjoying some delicious hor d’oeuvres, Principal Glen Lutz chatting with donors, and some of the various presentations. Also, my brother showed me how to put a video on the Internet. At /blessingticehall.html you can watch a two minute video of the wonderful talk by Sister Joyce Cox, Archdiocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools, and a video of Mr. Glen Lutz thanking donors. The pictures and videos were taken by Todd Aylard.

Thank you to all who contributed to the two-bit collection last weekend for our Annual Catholic Appeal shortfall. Earlier this month we had pledges totaling $58,639, which puts us close to our goal of $59,968. I should mention that some have not been able to fulfill their pledge - either because of death, moving to another area, or a financial setback. Still, with the $1,158.74 contributed last weekend and a two-bit collection in December, we should be able to reach our 2006 goal and even have a small rebate. If you are able to make a special donation, it would be very welcome.

In the church vestibule, you will find some new Lighthouse CD’s. Many people have commented to me how wonderful it is to listen to these talks in their home, car or when taking a walk. This week I listened to the talks on The Holy Eucharist and The Sacrament of Penance by Fr. Bill Casey, C.P.M. Fr. Casey gives a powerful presentation on these two beautiful sacraments. I especially recommend his CD on The Holy Eucharist. In addition you will find a CD by Kimberly Hahn on Dating and Courtship and the ever popular Fr. Benedict Groeschel has a talk on When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. For a three dollar donation, you can take home any tape.

Speaking of Lighthouse CD’s, some of you listened to Fr. Donald Calloway’s extraordinary conversion story. Fr. Calloway will be in Everett later this month for the Northwest Eucharistic Conference. The conference goes from Friday evening, Oct 20 through Saturday, Oct 21. I have placed some brochures and registration forms at the church entrances.

Two weeks ago I mentioned the lost puppy we have been taking care of. Well, this week his owners called, after seeing one of the signs. It was a joy to see “Boots” reunited with the family which has two small girls, who missed their puppy very much. While Boots was with us, some of us got very attached to him. Here is a picture of our school children giving Boots a bit of attention and affection.

This week we made a change in our Adoration Chapel. From now on the Blessed Sacrament will be placed in a small monstrance inside the tabernacle. (You can see a picture of this in the Spanish section of the bulletin.) If no one is present when you leave the chapel, I ask you to please close the tabernacle door. This change will facilitate reverence for and protection of the Blessed Sacrament. If you have not yet done so, please consider giving one hour (or more) each week to adoration of Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Next weekend we will have a special presentation on post-abortion healing. At the English Masses "Liane" will give a testimony based on her life and conversion. This is particularly appropriate for the month of October. On the first Sunday of October, we have the Life Chain which invites people to embrace the gift of life at all stages - from conception till natural death. We pray in a particular way for those harmed by the culture of death, especially those moms (and dads) who are hurting as the result of a procured abortion. May Mary, the Mother of Life, intercede for us all.

Gracias por sus contribuciones el domingo pasado para la Petición Anual. Como expliqué en la parte en inglés, todavía nos falta un poco para alcanzar nuestra meta y recibir una devolución.

Hemos hecho un pequeño cambio en la Capilla de Adoración. Como se puede ver en la foto, el custodio ya está dentro del tabernáculo. Si nadie está presente cuando usted salga de la capilla, favor de cerrar la puerta. Este cambio nos ayudará a proteger y mostrar mayor reverencia para Jesús realmente presente en el Santísimo Sacramento.

El próximo fin de semana habrá una presentación especial sobre la sanación después del aborto. Yo sé que muchas mamás (y también los papás) sufren a causa de un aborto procurado. La Sra. Francisca dará un testimonio en las misas de español. En el mes de octubre rezamos por las personas heridas a causa de la cultura de muerte - y que todos abracemos el don de la vida, desde la concepción hasta la muerte natural. Que María, Madre de la Vida, interceda por nosotros.