Bulletin (June 1, 2008)

This Sunday we welcome Bishop Joseph Tyson, who will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at our 11 a.m. Mass. We have a wonderful group of confirmation candidates. I want to congratulate them for their hard work in preparing for this beautiful sacrament. The preparation course began last January and they have met almost every Wednesday evening. In addition they attended a weekend retreat sponsored by the Archdiocese of Seattle. Special thanks goes to Gary Samaniego, Jim Postel and all those who worked with these young people in their confirmation course.

I also want to congratulate our Holy Family eighth grade class. This Tuesday we will have their Baccalaureate Mass at 8:30 a.m. and their graduation at 7 p.m. in the church. All are invited to support them as they make their transition to high school. The picture shows the eighth grade class after completing their project of planting two new trees on the sidewalk west of our church. By planting these trees, they have made our world a little more green.

Speaking of helping protect the environment, I felt good about our heating bills for April. Even though the average temperature was six degrees lower than 2007, we did not have an increased use of fuel. Part of the reason is the more efficient boiler in our church, but also our effort to practice conservation. You may have heard that the Catholic Church is committed to conservation on the highest levels. Last year the Vatican became the world’s first “carbon neutral” country! I have to admit, I am skeptical about all the hype that blames global warming on human activity. Still, since this is the only planet we’ve got, it seems prudent to do what we can to practice conservation. Also, it fits with the Gospel call to live a more simple life.

A man who in many ways lives Gospel simplicity is Fr. Ramon Velasco. Heck, he doesn’t even own a car! We are happy to have Fr. Ramon back this weekend – although, at the same time, sad about the news that this will be his last month at Holy Family. This is difficult because Fr. Ramon has touched every family in our parish with his priestly ministry – anointing the sick, blessing homes, confessions, daily and Sunday Masses, etc. I know that you have a deep affection for Fr. Ramon and will want to express that during the coming weeks.

June is also Mr. Glen Lutz’ final month as principal of Holy Family. During the past three years, he has accomplished much for our parish and its school. I don’t want to speak too soon, but this could be our first year in over a decade that we will balance our school budget. This is a great accomplishment and a big part of the reason is how Glen reached out to different groups in our parish and beyond. We will have a chance to express our appreciation to Glen later this month. Meanwhile, we are in a process of transition as we welcome a new principal for Holy Family School: Mr. Frances X. Cantwell. Frank comes with great credentials, and you will have a chance to learn more about him in the next few weeks.

We will also be welcoming a new parochial vicar: Fr. Armando Red. He comes from the Diocese of Legazpi. It is a city about the size of Tacoma, in the southern part of Luzon. Fr. Armando has been working in the United States for over a decade. He is currently serving at St. Joseph Parish in Issaquah. He brings a wonderful background and great talents. I know that you look forward to meeting Fr. Armando during the first week of July.

Last Saturday evening we had a beautiful Procession with Blessed Sacrament. I want to thank all those who organized this event with its wonderful music and potluck afterward. Devotion to Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacraments, brings many blessings. One of the greatest is priestly vocations. This coming Saturday Archbishop Brunett will ordain three young men to the priesthood. Please pray for them and for all those God is calling to this vocation. For young men, ages 15-25, I would like to make a special invitation to attend Quo Vadis Days from June 22 through June 25. You will find information on the bulletin board, as well as pamphlets in the vestibule.

This Sunday we will have a special collection for Birthright. I ask your generosity to support the work of Birthright volunteers in our parish. They are doing wonderful work helping girls and young women in crisis pregnancies.

And speaking of second collections, please be sure to read Mr. Lutz’ column about the Randy Terlicker Fund. Next weekend Mrs. Colleen Terlicker will once again match our contributions, dollar for dollar.

I’d like to conclude with some family news. My niece Sara sent out the picture of her new profile. She said that she and Julius “had some news to tell all of you but I am having some trouble remembering.” I think you can guess what the good news is. I have never seen my niece look so radiant and beautiful. Please pray for her and Julius. Next September I should have some wonderful pictures to share.

Quisiera agradecer a todos que organizaron la procession con el Santisimo Sacramento despues de la misa de 12:30 el domingo pasado. Especialmente estoy agradecido a los que hicieron altares y los niños de Primera Comunion. Hay fotos de nuestros niños y los otros participantes a: /corpuschristi2008.html

El Padre Ramon Velasco vuelve este fin de semana. He escrito algo en la parte de ingles sobre el y sobre el Padre Armando Red, que comenzará su trabajo en Holy Family el primero de julio. Ademas hay informacion sobre nuestra escuela parroquial. Favor de considerar a Holy Family School para su niño, desde Pre-Kinder hasta el Octavo Grado.

School News

Church Bulletin: June 1, 2008

Dear Parishioners,

Today, I am asking you to keep the Class of 2008 in your prayers. On Tuesday, June 3, they will graduate from Holy Family Parish School. Many of these young people have attended as far back as Pre-Kindergarten. This is a wonderful class of faith-filled, emerging young adults. We are very proud of them. Next week, June 7, all of their names will be listed as ‘Graduates’ in the bulletin.

Please save the following dates: -June 6, First Friday after the 8:30 Mass, please drop over to the Tice Hall for some treats. I want to take the occasion to thank you.

-June 8, 2-Bit Collection for the Randy Terlicker Scholarship Fund for Tuition Assistance. Once again, Mrs. Colleen Terlicker will match whatever is collected. Save those coins and dollars as well. 

-October 5, Sunday, the 80th Anniversary of Holy Family Parish School celebration and the kick-off for the Randy Terlicker Endowment Campaign.

God Bless,

Glen t. Lutz Principal