Bulletin (April 15, 2007)

We had a beautiful celebration of Holy Week. I am grateful to those responsible for music, decorations and liturgical ministries. A special thanks to those who prepared candidates for the Easter Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. At the Easter Vigils, we baptized some 37 people – and received a similar number into the Catholic Church through a renewal of Baptism, Profession of Faith, followed by the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.

Many children and young people participated wonderfully in the events of Holy Week. Our Holy Family fifth graders enacted the Living Way of the Cross on Good Friday. The picture shows the Twelfth Station – Jesus Dies on the Cross. Also, the picture below shows the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the conclusion of the Good Friday Pro-Life Vigil.

During the season of Lent, Holy Family School children made pledges of prayer, sacrifice and giving. I was deeply touched that they raised over $540 to help children in Peru. The Mary Bloom Center helps parents who are unable to purchase shoes, uniforms and school supplies for their children. It costs an average of twenty dollars to equip a child for school. The money raised will thus help some twenty-seven students attend school. More important than the financial aid is the unity of prayer and support which needy families experience.

Although we do not experience poverty to the same degree in this country, we also have many needy people at our doorsteps. This weekend our two-bit collection will go toward St. Vincent de Paul (and at the Spanish Masses, its counterpart, Madre Teresa). Please be generous so that our St. Vincent de Paul volunteers can help the needy in our own neighborhoods. Also, if you feel a call to serve the poor, consider becoming a St. Vincent de Paul volunteer. You will find further information in this bulletin.

Beyond the needs in our neighborhood, we want to do what we can to help the poor in the Seattle area. The primary way we do this is by supporting the Annual Catholic Appeal. It supports some 69 agencies, including those who reach out to the homeless. While it is generally imprudent to give cash to those asking for a handout, it is very effective to give to the Annual Catholic Appeal. The Appeal supports organizations such as the Archdiocesan Housing Authority, which provides approximately 150,000 “bed nights” (annual lodging) for homeless men, women, and children and provides access to medical attention, alcohol and drug treatment, and job counseling. Next Sunday we will begin the Appeal Prayer.

Many of our own families are undergoing severe trials. This last week one of our dads was picked up by Immigration and is currently at the detention center in Tacoma. Out of fear the mom has moved into the home of relatives. Although her smaller children are U.S. citizens, she has older children who are very fearful about their status. I ask your special prayers for this family. Two of the children attend Holy Family School. Personally, I do not know the solution to the immigration issue, but as a pastor, I see the fear and suffering of so many of our families. All of us need to pray about this, and to study the issue, beginning with the teachings of Jesus as found in the Catechism and our Church’s Magisterium . Archbishop Chaput of Denver gave a very thoughtful interview titled “Immigration Schizophrenia.” You can find the interview at http://www.catholic.org/featured/headline.php?ID=4104

This week I ask you also to say a prayer for the success of our School Auction, which takes place next Saturday. Thanks to the renovation of the upper and lower halls, we are once again holding the Auction in our own facilities. Auction Chairs Steve and Melissa Stillwell, along with many other school parents and parishioners, have been working hard to prepare for this event. We depend on the Auction to make our school and parish budget. It is also a time to reach out to people beyond our parish who can support Holy Family School.

Among those who support Holy Family School are our Knights of Columbus. Some of the proceeds from their monthly breakfasts go toward a scholarship and a financial aid award. Please come over to the ground level Tice Hall or to the upper hall after Mass to enjoy a delicious breakfast and support the work of our Knights.

Tuvimos una bella celebración de la Semana Santa. Estoy agradecido a los responsables de música, decoraciones y ministros litúrgicos. Un agradecimiento especial a los que prepararon los candidatos para los Sacramentos Pascuales de Bautismo, Confirmación y Eucaristía. En la Vigilias Pascuales hemos bautizado unas 37 personas – recibido un numero semejante por medio de una renovación del bautismo, profesor de fe, seguidos por los sacramentos de Confirmación y Comunión.

Durante el tiempo de la Cuaresma muchos han sacrificado para ayudar a los pobres del mundo, incluyendo alumnos de nuestra escuela católica que ayudaron a niños del Perú por medio del Centro Mary Bloom. Aquí en este país también hay personas que sufren necesidad. Los ayudamos por medio de Madre Teresa, cuya colecta se lleva a cabo este domingo. Madre Teresa (igual que San Vicente de Paúl) ayuda a pobres en nuestra comunidad. Mas alla de la parroquia, podemos ayudar a pobres en la área de Seattle por medio de la Petición Anual (Annual Catholic Appeal). Apoya unas 69 agencia, incluyendo a las que alcancen a la gente de la calle. Generalmente no es prudente da dinero en efectivo a los que mendigan en paradas, pero podemos ayudarlos eficazmente por medio de la Petición Anual. La Petición Apoya organizaciones como Archdiocesan Housing Authority que provee 150,000 “bed nights” (noches de alojamiento) para hombres, mujeres y niños sin casa y provee acceso a atención medica, tratamiento para adiciones de alcohol y droga y consejería para empleo. El próximo domingo comenzaremos la Oración de la Petición Anual.

En la parte de inglés mencioné una familia que está sufriendo porque el papá ha sido agarrado por la Migra. Pido sus oraciones por esta familia. Tenemos que mantenernos unidos durante este tiempo de crisis y rezar para que haya un cambio favorable en las leyes del país. Una forma de mantenernos unidos es en apoyar la misión de nuestra parroquia y su escuela. Un grupo importante en la parroquia son los Caballeros de Colon. Después de la misa de 9:30 (y toda la mañana de 8 a.m. hasta 12:30 p.m.) ellos ofrecen un rico desayuno.

Finalmente, Cristo te espera en el Santísimo Sacramento. La Capilla de Adoración (en la Ailbe House) está abierta 24 hora al día, siete días de la semana (excepto miércoles cuando el Santísimo esta expuesto en el templo durante el día). Hay Adoración Nocturna en el ultimo viernes (para mujeres) y sábado (para hombres) de cada mes.