Bulletin (July 13, 2008)

This month I begin my fourteenth year at Holy Family. My first year was exclusively with the Hispanic Community. In 1996 Archbishop Murphy appointed me as administrator and the following year as pastor. These have been wonderful years and I hope the Lord will give me many years and that I will be able to spend them serving you. On completing my first six years as pastor, I went through the standard evaluation process which included surveys of parish staff, pastoral council and other consultative bodies as well as a cross section of parishioners. The evaluation was generally positive although there were of course areas to work on. I ask your prayers to better serve you and the Lord. We have been through a lot together and with your continued support, I hope to continue forward.

I realize that I am following in the footsteps of some outstanding pastors. I especially think of Monsignor Ailbe McGrath who served Holy Family for thirty-three years. Following is a list of Holy Family Pastors:

1921 – 1929: Fr. John Gibboney
1929 – 1934: Fr. Patrick Farrelly
1934 – 1936: Fr. Michael Hayes
1936 – 1969: Msgr. Ailbe McGrath
1969 – 1974: Fr. Cornelius Harrington
1974 – 1981: Fr. Sean Heneghan
1981 – 1987: Fr. Paul Byrne
1987 – 1988: Fr. Joseph O’Shea
1988 – 1992: Fr. Richard Gallagher
1992 – 1996: Fr. Ross Fewing
1996 (Feb-July): Fr. Gerard Clenaghan, O.M.I.
1996 – present:  Fr. Phillip Bloom

As you can see, next to Msgr. McGrath, I have had the longest pastorate here at Holy Family. It would take quite a bit to match his thirty-three years, but who knows? Personally I am inspired by the example of Archbishop Brunett and Pope Benedict who keep going strong after others have long retired.

While looking through the parish archives, we discovered some great pictures of Monsignor McGrath that I hope to place in the bulletin as space permits. In this Sunday’s bulletin I have placed a portrait of Msgr. McGrath and a picture, which I believe is the blessing of a corner stone. I am, however, unsure of the year or who else is in the picture with him. If any of the old timers can identify the Sister or the priests with Msgr. McGrath, let me know. In the Spanish section I have place a picture of Msgr. McGrath with some altar boys. It would be nice to also identify some of them.

On a more immediate note I want to thank you for the warm welcome you gave to Fr. Armando Red, notwithstanding his observation that Holy Family is now “Blooming Red.” (Why is it that we always remember the most outrageous puns?) I also want to thank Toni Halsey for registering new voters after our Sunday Masses. Toni registered _____ new voters. We will have voter registration again on the weekend of September 6-7. Meanwhile we do have voter registration forms available in the parish office.

En la parte en ingles he dado una lista de los parrocos de Holy Family. El que tenia mas años como parroco era el Monseñor Ailbe McGrath. Aquí hay una foto de el con monaguillos. En la seccion en ingles hay un foto de el en una ceremonia de dedicacion y un foto retrato del Monseñor. En su honor hemos dedicado la “Casa Ailbe” y una de las ventanas del templo tiene su patron – San Ailbe.

Este fin de semana el Padre Armando Red celebrará las misas en español y predicará en ellas. Estoy seguro que ustedes le darán una bienvenida muy calorosa.