Bulletin (May 11, 2008)

First and foremost I want to wish all our moms a Happy Mother’s Day. Fr. Ramon and I will be offering a novena of Masses and prayers for the moms of Holy Family Parish – and for all our moms, living and deceased. In the case of Fr. Ramon, he will be offering his prayers in warmer climes – with his brothers and sisters in the Philippines! Fr. Ramon will return to Holy Family at the end of May.

This Mother’s Day, one of the moms of our parish will give a special presentation. Mary Horn, who is our new Pre-Kindergarten teacher (and who herself is mother of five), will invite parents to visit her classroom and to learn more about all grades at Holy Family School. Our parish school exists to help parents form their child for success in this life and above all to know the true life we can only have through Jesus. I encourage parents – and grandparents – to consider the difference Holy Family School can make for their child.

Speaking of Holy Family School, a prominent graduate of our parish school passed away on May 2. Fr. Joseph Marquart, a priest of the Archdiocese of Seattle for over fifty years, was a member of Holy Family Class of 1945. In the picture below, he is in the back row, fourth from the right. In the list of 1945 graduates, you will probably recognize some familiar names.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I am asking you to support a project that bears my mother’s name: the Mary Bloom Center in Peru. It is a medical clinic and educational center that serves people in one of the neediest areas of the Western Hemisphere. Any support you can give in the two-bit collection will be greatly appreciated.

I want to say a big thank-you to all who have turned in their Annual Catholic Appeal pledge/donation. In the Stewardship section, you will see our results as of the middle of last week. Once we reach our required goal, all funds rebated will be used for the beautification of our parish grounds, especially the purchase of a new reader board.

This week we will have a special visit: Dawn Eden, author of The Thrill of the Chaste (Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On). Dawn will be staying at the Ailbe House from Thursday through Monday. She will be giving a series of talks: at Seattle Pacific University for the Chesterton Society, at Seattle University and at St. Stephen the Martyr for their LifeTeen group. On the bulletin boards, you will see a flier with the times and locations of these talks. At our English and Spanish Masses, Dawn will say a few words after the Communion Prayer and be available for “book signing” after those Masses. Born into a Reformed Jewish household, about ten years ago Dawn experienced a conversion to Christianity that eventually led her into the Catholic Church. Her book is poignant, frank, funny and wise. Dawn, of course, writes from the point of view of a Christian woman, but young men will learn a lot from her book. It belongs in every Christian home, and every young adult should read it. We will have the book for sale after Mass at a special price.

Last week I mentioned that I would write more about Ben Stein’s movie Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed. Well, I have run out of space so that will have to wait. Some parishioners, however, told me they went to see the movie and were impressed by the topics covered in the documentary. The most inflammatory was the connection of Darwinism to eugenics, Planned Parenthood and Nazi persecution of “inferior races.” More about that later.

Final note: Please set aside the evening of May 24 to participate in a special Corpus Christi Mass, Procession and Potluck. More details next week.

¡Feliz Dia de la Madre! El Padre Ramon y yo ofreceremos una novena de misas y oraciones por las mamás de nuestra parroquia – y todas nuestras mamás, vivas o difuntas. En el caso del Padre Ramon, el ofrecera sus oraciones en un lugar mas placentero – con sus hermanos en las Islas Filipinas. El volverá fines de este mes.

Hoy en el Dia de la Madre, la Sra. Mary Horn – mamá de cinco y la nueva maestra de Pre-Kinder – dara una presentacion al fin de las misas e invitara a todos papás de considerar a nuestra escuela parroquial para su hijo. Tambien hoy habrá una colecta especial para el Centro Mary Bloom en Peru. Estoy agradecido por sus oraciones y apoyo para esta obra para ayudar a los mas pobres en Puno, Peru. Abajo hay una cartelera hecha por el Centro Mary Bloom.

Dia del Niño Por Nacer, Puno, Peru - Luz, Irma, Eugenia e Isaias

Billboard prepared for observance

Mary Bloom Center - Puno, Peru

Gracias por su apoyo para la Peticion Catolica Annual. Muchos de ustedes respondieron a la presentacion del Diacono Abel el domingo pasado. Los resultados se puede encontrar en la seccion de Mayordomia. Por supuesto todavia se puede devolver su compromiso/donacion. Lo que recaudamos mas alla de nuestra meta requerida se usara para mejorar la apariencia de nuestra parroquia, comenzando con un nuevo “reader board” (lo que avisa los horarios de nuestra misas).

Finalmente, quisiera avisarles que la Srta. Dawn Eden estara con nosotros la proxima semana. Ella es autora del libro La aventura de la castidad: Encontrando satisfaccion con su ropa puesta. No es un libro para doncellas delicadas con vestidos blancos de encaje que estan esperando pacientemente a su apuesto principe. Esto es para mujeres reales que necesitan mensajes fuertes, motivacionales y profundamente morales para contrarrestar los que reciben de un mundo superficial obsesionado con el sexo. Tambien los hombres pueden aprender mucho de este buen libro. Dawn hablara al fin de nuestras misas y va a vender su libro a un precio especial despues de las misas.

Dear Parishioners,

I think it is very special that Pentecost and Mother’s Day coincides this year. In my experience, mothers epitomize well the living and loving presence of the Holy Spirit. Many of us have seen our mothers go on to join the Communion of Saints. We want to keep in our prayers all mothers, those who have gone on to eternal life and our earthly mothers. Our Blessed Mother Mary, spiritual Mother to all, provides the perfect example of motherhood and Discipleship. As we pray the Rosary, we are able to access the special Graces that Christ bestows on us through His mother. Let us continue to pray for earthly mothers who are faced with painful choices, domestic violence, and those who suffer silently on behalf of their children.

Today, being Mother’s Day provides us with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the mothers and grandmothers by taking them to breakfast. The Knights of Columbus will be hosting a breakfast today after all of the morning Masses. I want to thank the Knights for all their service to the parish and their support of all the parish ministries.

On Friday, May 16, at St. James Cathedral, the Fourth Grade, Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Lutz will be participating in a special May Crowning organized by the Catholic Schools Department and being facilitated by Sister Joyce Cox, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools. All of the 4th grades throughout the Archdiocese have been invited to this liturgy. It is an honor to represent Holy Family Parish School in this manner.

God Bless,

Glen t. Lutz


Your gift is still needed. This month we have been conducting the Annual Catholic Appeal Campaign and still have not heard from some of you. As Disciples of Christ, we are called to share the Good News and minister to those in need. Our Church community needs your gift. Holy Family Parish’s required amount for this year is $62,759. We are asking each household to participate in the Appeal and to consider a pledge/gift of $265, which is the average gift of all the parishes throughout the Archdiocese. If you have been financially blessed, please consider a pledge/gift of $1/day or $365. Of course, any amounts are greatly appreciated. Keep in mind, however, that contributing the entire $62,759 is required. Whatever is not raised through this pledge drive must be paid from our regular general budget. All money collected above our parish goal will be returned to us in a rebate check to be used to purchase a new Reader Board and beautify our grounds or for other needed projects. Remember, we will keep asking until we get an answer! If you cannot make a financial commitment at this time, please complete an envelope and offer a “prayer” or simply write “No Pledge.” If we don’t hear from you by Sunday, May 18, you will receive a follow-up letter. Please save us this cost by turning in your envelope this Sunday or next. To those who have already made a pledge, thank you for your gracious gift.

Annual Catholic Appeal Update as of May 7

Goal:  Households Participating:	555  
Participating to Date:			291

Goal:  Average Gift:			$265
Average Gift to Date:			$172

Goal:  Total Required:		$62,759.00
Pledged/Donated to Date:		$42,773.00

Parish Stewardship Giving Summary
Wk. 45 of Fiscal Year (July 1, 2007 – May 4, 2008)

Amount Needed Each Sunday:		$  12,289.00
May 4 Check/Cash Envelope:		$    9,637.00
May 4 Mother’s/Father’s Day Env.:	$       517.50
May 4 EFT(Automatic Deduction): 	$       768.93  
May 4 Loose Cash:			$    3,367.79
May 4 Total Offering:			$  14,291.22

Weekly Income Difference:		       (+) $   2,002.22 

Budgeted Fiscal Year to Date:		$553,005.00 
Collected Year to Date:			$539,625.10
Income Difference Year to Date:            (-) $  13,379.90

Some of the Gifts from the Other Half of our Stewardship
Saint Vincent de Paul/Madre Teresa		$       238.00

Capital Campaign
Total Households Pledging:			734
Total Pledged:					$1,208,774.63
Total Paid:					$1,037,017.49
Balance:					$   171,757.14