Bulletin (September 26, 2004)

At our September 16 Parish Council Meeting, we began with a tour of our school attic and Church. Following are some pictures so that other parishioners could get a better idea of the work done last August – and the work which remains to be done. In the first picture Parish Administrator, Tom Weber, is explaining the seismic re-enforcements in relation to the new roof.

The re-enforcements are quite extensive. The next photo shows the metal hinges and plywood boards which connect the new roof to the main structure of the school building. In an earthquake, these will prevent the roof from “walking” and falling into the building. Also, there are broad plywood boards nailed both above and below these connections around the entire perimeter of the roof.

From left to right, those who toured the attic: Tom Weber, Fr. Bloom, Ted Naff, Bertha Galaviz Alcala, Charles Do, Mike Romero, Marcelo Re and Tim Riley (seated). As we enter the Capital Campaign, I am hoping other groups will also have the opportunity to tour our various buildings to see work done – and yet to be accomplished.

After inspecting the school attic, we toured the church building. Since it had recently rained, the leaks in the east entrance were very evident, both by the door and inside the ladies restroom. Also, there are leaks in other parts of the church and water damage from past and present leaks. Although we have done what patchwork we could, the long-term solution involves a complete repair of the church roof. As I mentioned in the homily last Sunday, we are hoping for an advance from the Archdiocese in order to begin this work before winter. Below is a picture of Parish Council members in the back of the church: Marcelo Re, Charles Do, Mike Romero, Mary French, Tim Riley, Tom Weber Bertha Galaviz Alacala, Fr. Ramon Velasco, Nell Wheeler and Fr. Bloom. (Council members not in picture: Reina Recinos, Lynn Eugenio and Ines Medina.)

Pictures were taken by Dan O’Connor from Guidance in Giving, who also gave us an outline of the upcoming Capital Campaign. The minutes for the Sept 16 meeting are posted on the bulletin boards of the church and Ailbe House.

En mi columna en inglés hay algunas fotos de la última reunión del Consejo Parroquial. Hemos comenzado con una inspección del techo de la escuela para ver los refuerzos sísmicos. Como se puede notar es un trabajo bien amplio.

También hemos visitado el templo para ver algunas reparaciones necesarias. Como recién había llovido, hubo agua a la entrada este del templo y dentro del baño de damas. En otras partes hay daño donde entró aguas por los techos. Hemos hecho algunas reparaciones temporarias, pero la solución al largo plazo es reparar el techo entero del templo. Estamos pidiendo un préstamo de la arquidiócesis, basado en el Estudio de Probabilidad y la Campaña Capital.

Para mayor información se puede hablar con miembros del Consejo como Berta Galaviz Alcalá, Marcelo Re, Reina Recinos y Inés Medina Villalobos.