Bulletin (November 30, 2003)

It is good to have Fr. Ramon back. As you know, he spent couple of weeks with his brothers and sisters in the Philippines, commemorating the first anniversary of their mom’s death. He returned to Holy Family the day before Thanksgiving. For me, as well as for all you, it is a good motive for gratitude. Not only does Fr. Ramon do a tremendous amount of work in the parish, but he always maintains an upbeat, generous personality. The picture above shows Fr. Velasco with newly ordained Deacon Abel Magaña at the reception in our hall on September 14.

I want to thank you for your participation in Stewardship. As of last Sunday, 312 families have turned in pledge cards for a total of $253,048. Two weeks ago we had our Commitment Sunday in the English Masses and last weekend in the Spanish Masses. The totals were 30 pledges at the 6:30 p.m. Mass, 61 at the 9:30 a.m. Mass and 74 at the 12:30 p.m. Mass. We also received a number of new pledges during the English and Filipino Masses. If you have not yet filled out your pledge card, please do so and place it in the Sunday collection. I am grateful to each person who took the time to plan their giving for the coming year.

On December 21 we will have a special commemoration – a six-month Mass for Sharon Carriere. Sharon served Holy Family for many years as a volunteer and later as a staff member. She worked with youth, marriage preparation, annulments, administration and many other areas. She died at a relatively young age, after decades of suffering from a debilitating disease. During that time, Sharon always responded to each person with enthusiasm, energy and a contagious joy. I miss Sharon a lot and I know that many of you do as well. I asked her husband, Duane, to bring a picture of Sharon for our 11 a.m. Mass on Dec. 21. After consulting with various people, we have decided to name the Ailbe House library in memory of Sharon. That will take place on the first anniversary of her death this coming June. Meanwhile we will be accepting any donations in memory of Sharon so that we can carry out the refurbishing of the library and other parts of the Ailbe House. These needs have already been identified by our Parish Building Commission and are part of the Master Plan being presented in the feasibility study.

Speaking of the feasibility study, I want to thank those who have participated so far in the individual studies and the initial focus group. This week we will be mailing a letter and questionnaire to every registered parishioner. Please take the time to answer these questions so that we can make plans to address the needs of our parish. At recent Parish Council meetings, we have talked about the fact that we have been missing some families who previously active here at Holy Family. Some have moved, some are attending other parishes or other Christian churches. Some have dropped out altogether. I would like to invite them to come home for Christmas. At the entrances of the church, you will find slips to write down the name and address of anyone you know whom you would like me to invite back. I need the names and addresses by December 14. Thank you for your help with this project.

One former parishioner seems to be exactly where the Lord wants him. Last Spring, Roger Thibodeau went to the Brigittine Monastery in Oregon to test a possible vocation to their life of prayer and work. In October he received his habit as a novice, as well as new name – Brother Simon. He sent this note:

Greetings from the heart of Oregon…here's an update of what's going on. I am settled into my routine of prayer and work. We are very busy already making fudge and truffles for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most orders are from local companies getting LOTS of cases (50-70 cases each). I still cook for the Brothers each day except Sundays; it's my day off! It's a challenge keeping everyone happy, healthy and wise. Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. - Brother Simon, O.S.s.S.

No doubt you have noticed that we have begun the clearing of the lot we acquired last April. It took several months to finally obtain the permits to begin the work. Besides the house and shed, an amazing amount of junk – rusted lawn mowers, half-used cans of paint, old batteries, etc. – had accumulated over the years. The entire mess has to be taken away before we can dedicate the land to a new purpose. Special thanks to Tien Le who has donated his time and the use of his equipment to clear the lot. This is a great savings to the parish. There are still some costs involved in hauling away the debris. The two-bit collection this Sunday will go toward covering those costs.

Estoy contento que el Padre Ramón Velasco haya vuelto de las islas Filipinas después de unas semanas con sus hermanos. Allá celebró la misa de un año para su mamá, que en paz descanse. La foto muestra al Padre Ramón con el diácono Abel, en la recepción del día 14 de septiembre.

Gracias a todos que participaron en la Mayordomía. Recibimos 30 compromisos en la misa de 6:30 p.m., 61 en la de 9:30 a.m. y 74 en la misa de 12:30 p.m. Si todavía no han llenado una tarjeta de compromiso, favor de hacerlo y ponerla en la colecta. Estoy agradecido a todos que tomaron tiempo para planear su mayordomía para el próximo año.

También gracias a todos que participaron en las entrevistas individuales y el grupo de enfoque del Estudio de Probabilidad. Esta semana enviaremos cartas con encuestas para todos los miembros inscritos en la parroquia. Por favor, tomar el tiempo para contestar para que podamos responder a las necesidades de la parroquia.

En los últimos reuniones del Consejo Parroquial hemos hablado de los eran miembros de la parroquia, pero ahora no son activos. Quiero enviar cartas para invitarlos a volver a la parroquia para Navidad. Hay hojitas para llenar con el nombre y direccion de alguien que Ud. quiera que yo invite a volver. Necesito los nombres y direcciones para el 14 de diciembre. Gracias por su ayuda en este proyecto.

Seguro que han notado que estamos limpiando el lote que compramos en abril. Un miembro de la parroquia está donando su trabajo y equipo. Nos ahorra mucho dinero, pero todavía hay el costo de cada trailer que llevamos al basurero. La segunda colecta de este domingo se usará para estos gastos.