Bulletin (November 18, 2001)

It was good to get back from Peru. The flite on November 8 left Lima at 1 a.m. and arrived in Seattle fourteen hours later. It took a day or so to get readjusted, but by the weekend I felt pretty good. I am appreciative of the wonderful work Fr. Ramon Velasco and Deacon Ted Wiese did while I was gone. Together with parish administrator Tom Weber and the whole parish staff, they worked very hard. Also it was a real blessing having Fr. Adrian Luevano with us during this time.

It was heartening to see an increased giving during the past weeks. Both the first collection for the needs of the parish and the special collections for Mission Sunday, St. Vincent de Paul, school scholarship, etc. evidenced your remarkable generosity.

Last Sunday Joseph Radmacher, chairman of our finance council, gave an excellent presentation on the economic situation of our parish and the various challenges we face. I heard many good comments and we have already received a good number of pledges. Please take the time this week to fill out the form and place it in the collection or drop it by the rectory.

The Stewardship or Sacrificial Giving campaign takes place during November because it is a natural time for us to consider our many blessings and to recognize their Source. We do that as a nation on Thanksgiving Day. This Thursday (Nov. 22) we will celebrate our parish Thanksgiving Day Mass at 9 a.m. To participate in the Mass, which is the great prayer of thanksgiving, is the very best way to celebrate this holiday. I invite you to attend that Mass as a family and bring with you an item of food from your Thanksgiving meal to be blessed at the end of Mass. Also we will receive at the offertory time donations for our parish St. Vincent de Paul.

On Saturday, December 1, the Archdiocesan Vocation Office will be sponsoring a Come and See event at St. Edwardís Parish. Young men who are interested in finding out more about the diocesan priesthood are invited to attend. It will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. For more information you may contact Rich Shively, 206-382-4595 or speak directly to me. It is most encouraging that a couple of young men here at Holy Family are discerning a possible vocation to the priesthood. Please pray for them and all young people that they will have the courage to follow the Lordís call.

Speaking of courage, we have a local group with that name. It is for people who struggle with same sex attractions and desire to live Jesusí teaching regarding chastity. Courage has met at Holy Family for over two and a half years. This Sunday our two-bit collection will be to support the national Courage office. After Sunday morning Mass we will be showing a video, which explains more about this movement.

Somewhat related is a presentation by Jason Evert on Teen Chastity Ė Love, Sex and Relationships. The title of Jasonís talk is ďWhat If We Really Love Each Other?Ē It will take place December 4, 7 p.m. at St. Charles Borremeo, 7112 South 12th St. in Tacoma. The drive would be well worth it. Jason is part of the Catholic Answers, a group of lay people committed to presenting and defending the faith.

This coming week I will be remembering my parents in a particular way. Wednesday is the sixth anniversary of my dadís death. Also November 17 is the first anniversary of my momís sister, Katherine Satushek. On the day after Thanksgiving I will be gathering with my siblings and cousins to celebrate a Mass for them and for my mom. Many of you have asked prayers for your departed loved ones during this month. Be assured that those who have died are a constant part of my prayers and I hope yours as well. May Godís blessing be with you all.