Bulletin (May 29, 2005)

Please keep the Principal Search Committee in your prayers. We had our first meeting on Tuesday and will meet several times in the next three weeks to establish criteria and to interview candidates. I am grateful to all who have taken the time to fill out the questionnaire indicating your priorities regarding the strengths necessary and desirable for the person who will become principal of our parish school. Here are some of the responses:

  • Good example of Catholic faith.

  • Good budget management experience.

  • Multilingual, multicultural experience a huge plus. Adherence to Catholic orthodoxy in curriculum.

  • Energetic in promoting school and recruiting students.

  • Committed to evangelization. Loves God and His Church.

  • Loves children.

  • Devout Roman Catholic who wants to pass the truths of faith to next generation.

  • Is or will become member of White Center community.

  • A vision of the school that incorporates it as an integral ministry of the parish with strong academics and commitment to the magisterium of the Church.

  • Fiscal conservatism.

  • Desire to market and grow school.

  • Open to new ideas, to accept criticism and learn from it. Good sense of humor. Commitment to Holy Family Parish.

  • Understanding role as agent of pastor.

  • Kindly attitude toward teachers.

  • Music, art and social graces…should be meaningful to principal.

  • Speaks Spanish.

  • Work with all groups in parish. Enrollment of diverse population. Promote school fund raising and motivate students, parents and parishioners to take on more responsibility to create income.

  • In union with the teaching authority of the Church 100%.

  • Expects academic excellence.

  • Keeping the kids active in their faith, back to church.

  • Involved in our area.

  • Good rapport with church staff, faculty and students.

  • Unbiased.

  • Catholic who believes what Church teaches.

  • Likes dogs.

    As you can see, the hopes and expectations for the new principal are high. Please pray that God will send the right person for this vital task. If you have not yet filled out a questionnaire, please do so and drop it by the parish office before Tuesday. Members of the Search Committee are: James Donohue (chair), Mary Horn, Arabella Corcoro, Bertha Galaviz Alacalá, Ted Naff, Cynthia Hoang and Dorothy Wells Plummer. I have also asked Fr. Ramon, Deacon Abel Magaña and Tom Weber to assist me in this process. Karen Tarabochia from the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Department will accompany us until we have selected a new principal.

    A final note: Embryonic stem-cell research has been in the news these past weeks. Here is a statement from Wendy Wright of Concerned Women of America: "Embryonic stem-cell research has been unconscionably hyped, by scientists, politicians and advocacy groups shamelessly manipulating patients and their families into believing their only hope lies in cannibalizing the young. While states, universities and foundations pour money into this latest fad, advocates crave the moral legitimacy they hope to gain with federal funding. And when the limited supply of orphaned embryos donated for research – a mere 2.8 percent of the 400,000 embryos in fertility clinics – runs out, the advocates will come back to the federal trough demanding tax dollars to create embryos for experimentation."

    Como Vds. han oído, estamos en el proceso de búsqueda para un Nuevo principal. En la parte inglesa mencioné los miembros del comité y algunos resultados de los cuestionarios. Hasta la fecha hemos recibido muy pocas respuestas de la comunidad hispana. Aquí hay algunas:

    --Una persona que practique la fe católica y que se capaz de defender, promover y enseñar el vivir en comunión con la doctrina de la fe católica.

    --Una persona que tenga una gran sensibilidad hacia todas las culturas; que las acepte y que sea capaz que los maestros, padres de familia y trabajadores lo hagan también.

    --Una persona que no tenga antecedentes discriminatorios especialmente con la raza mexicana.

    --Que sea bilingüe.

    --De preferencia que pertenezca a esta parroquia.

    --Que sea parejo con todos. No preferencias pobres y ricos.

    --Que sea un buen cristiano.

    --Que sea amable y educado con las personas. No déspota.

    La próxima reunión del comité de búsqueda es el día martes. Favor de entregar su cuestionario a la rectoría antes de esa fecha.