Bulletin (March 10, 2002)


Two weeks ago we posted a list of Parish Donors. At that time we had 736 on our list of identified donors, that is, those families who in the past three months had made a contribution in the Sunday collection using either a parish envelope of by simply placing a check in the collection basket.

I know that many other people make their donation by placing cash in the collection. Obviously we are grateful for every penny donated to Holy Family. Still we would like to have as many identified donors as possible. We wish to communicate with those who contribute to the parish so they can have a better idea how we use their donations.

We need the support of everyone who attends Holy Family in order to maintain our parish programs, for example: Religious education, sacramental formation, liturgy, building repair and maintenance and of course Holy Family School which is a major part of the overall parish budget. We need the support of everyone who attends our church.

Since February 24 we have added almost 100 names to the donors’ list. I greatly appreciate those who came forward. If you have not done so, please check the list to make sure it contains your family name. Thank you.


Last Tuesday Jason Evert, a Catholic Answers Apologist, gave a presentation to the seventh and eighth graders of Holy Family. He spoke to them about why it is important to embrace the virtue of chastity. The students received Jason so enthusiastically that Mr. Morissette and I hope to have him return to give a presentation for high school students and for parents of adolescents. More Information about Jason


On March 11, Obst. Luz Marron, Director of the Mary Bloom Center, will arrive here together with her daughter Melani. Both will receive some medical tests for some health problems they have not been able to completely resolve in Peru. Some of you noticed than Luz’ daughter has the same name as my sister and wondered if there was any connection.

The day she was born (October 4, 1997) her dad called me with news. He asked me, “Padre, what name should we give her?”

I said, “Well, she was born on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Why don’t you call her Francisca?”

Cesar said, “No, give me another name.”

I said, “How about ‘Melanie’? It’s my sister’s name?” So it was. In Spanish her full name is Mary Melania Palacios Marron, but everyone just calls her Melani.

Seven months after Melani’s birth, the family suffered a terrible tragedy. Her dad, Cesar Palacios, was killed in an automobile accident. He swerved to avoid hitting a child and his car went off the road. Cesar died instantly. When I go down to Peru, we always visit the site of the accident and offer a Mass for Melani’s dad.

Luz and Melani will be here until the morning of March 24. I hope that many of you will have the opportunity to meet them.