Bulletin (July 18, 2004)

About a hundred people attended the presentation on The DaVinci Code. Considering that last Monday was a beautiful summer day, the turnout was most encouraging. I estimated that about half were Holy Family parishioners. I figured we would have a good response since so many people had picked up the little pamphlet on The DaVinci Code. (The facts behind the bestselling fiction.) I had ordered three hundred copies, and they were all gone by the 11 a.m. Mass, although I did save a few copies for the Filipino Mass in the evening.

Besides Holy Family parishioners, a good number came from other parishes. Also, some enterprising parishioners put an ad in the Seattle Weekly. It evidently drew a couple of folks curious about what the Catholic Church had to say in response to The DaVinci Code. They may have been surprised that the speaker, Monsignor James Kelly, was not some rabid “fundamentalist” denouncing the novel but a rather soft spoken man who gave a very scholarly analysis of the book and what it tells about the culture we live in. Also, Aquinas Bookstore brought a number of books to help people not only respond to the charges contained in the novel, but deepen their own understanding of the Faith as well. The copies of De-Coding DaVinci by Amy Welborn were all sold out, but you can order a copy by calling Aquinas at 425-828-4413. Store manager, Becky Steffan, can also recommend other books for learning about our Faith and for spiritual reading.

This week I will be getting packed to go to Peru. A number of parishioners have donated infant clothes to take to the moms who come to the Mary Bloom Center. Also, I am packing a sleeping bag and some hiking shoes since part of my vacation will include walking the Inca Trail between Cuzco and Machu Pichu. I never did it during the seven years I was in Peru and decided that this was a good time before old age closes in on me.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to take Samwise with me. However, he will be well taken care of here at the parish. We have been leaving Samwise outside at night, and it turns out he is a good watchdog. Tom Weber and others who are utilizing the rectory and convent told me that they do feel more secure with Samwise out in the patio area.

On Tuesday evening of this week, the Respect Life Committee will meet in the Sharon Carriere Library between 7 and 8:15 p.m. One of the topics will be about providing support for couples facing troubled pregnancies, for example, through Birthright. They are primarily a resource and emotional support center offering referrals, including pro-life doctor referrals; community resources; and support to girls and women in difficult pregnancy situations. Please come to this meeting if you are interested in supporting this type of pro-life work in our parish.

Also, this week we will be preparing a financial report on the income and expenses of our school and overall parish. It will include a summary of our current indebtedness which we hope to address as part of the Capital Campaign. When we had the information meeting in June, one of the strong recommendations was that over the summer and in the early fall, we communicate to parishioners regarding the various aspects of the Capital Campaign. At the meeting a parishioner who works in graphic design volunteered his time and talent to draft some fliers. I am hoping to have four fliers on the four parts of the project: school, church, Ailbe House and parking lot. Each one has important details that I want you to know about as we move toward the formal part of the Campaign. The fliers should begin to appear in the parish bulletin during the weeks when I am in Peru.

A special invitation: Next Sunday from 10:30 a.m. till noon, Dr. Bill Perez and his wife Shelly will give a presentation on the Billings Method of Natural Family Planning. Also present for individual consultation will be Dr. Gina Landicho-Wicks, who runs a contraceptive-free clinic called Mary’s Family Medicine. Dr. Gina is a wonderful resource for couples looking for a doctor who is supportive of their efforts to live fully the teaching of Jesus as found in the Catechism (2366-2370).

Esta semana estoy preparando para ir al Perú. Unos feligreses han donado ropa para niñitos para dar a las mamás que vienen al Centro Mary Bloom. También estoy empacando una bolsa de dormir (“sleeping”) y unos buenos zapatos porque una parte de las vacaciones será el Camino de los Incas entre el Cusco y Machu Picchu.

El día martes de esta semana, el Comité Respetar la Vida se reunirá en la Biblioteca Sharon Carriere entre 7 y 8:15 p.m. Quisiera hacer una invitación especial a miembros de la comunidad hispana que tendrán interés en ayuda a personas enfrentado un embarazo no planeado y que están tentadas al aborto. Hay muchos recursos pero necesitamos voluntarios para aconsejar a jóvenes que se encuentran en esta situación.

También esta semana vamos a estar preparando un reporte financiero sobre los ingresos y gastos de la escuela y parroquia en general. Incluirá un resumen de las deudas que esperamos resolver con la Campaña Capital. En la reunión informativa en junio hubo una recomendación de comunicar con feligreses sobre los diferentes aspectos de la Campaña. Un hombre que trabajo en diseño grafico está donando su tiempo para hacer cuatro volantes sobre las cuatro partes del proyecto: escuela, Ailbe House, templo y parking. Los volantes van a empezar a estar en el boletín durante las semanas que yo esté en el Perú.

Una invitación especial: El próximo domingo de 10:30 a.m. hasta mediodía, el Dr. Hill Perez y su señora Séller darán una presentación sobre el Método Billings de Planificación Natural de la Familia. También presente para consultas individuales será la Dra. Gina Landicho-Wicks que tiene una clínica llamada Mary’s Family Medicine. Dra. Gina es un recurso maravilloso para parejas buscando un medico que apoya sus esfuerzos de vivir plenamente las enseñanzas de Jesús como se encuentran en el Catecismo (2366-2370). La presentación será en la Biblioteca Sharon Carriere.