Bulletin (January 18, 2004)

Last Sunday we prayed for six parishioners who had died during the first weeks of January. This week we had the funerals for two of them: Betty Anderson and Cande Palao. Betty was born in Minneapolis in 1917, but her family moved to Seattle when she was only two. Betty was a longtime member of our Women’s Sodality. She herself cleaned and irons thousands of purificators. When physical debilities prevented her from attending Mass, she received communion in her home, usually from Joe and Evelyn Barraca. Betty died on January 8. On January 10, Cande Palao passed away at Swedish Hospital, surrounded by her children and husband, Henry. Cande was born in Arequipa, Peru, in 1927 and moved to Seattle in 1962 with three small children in tow. In 1970 she spearheaded an effort to airlift food and warm clothing for the victims of the earthquake which killed almost seventy thousand people in central Peru. Cande had a successful career with Washington Department of Social and Health Services. Upon retirement, Governor Booth Gardner proclaimed a Day of Appreciation in her honor. Cande was famed for her delicious Peruvian cooking – her memorial booklet contains three of her favorite recipes.

This week we launched our Confirmation preparation program, headed by Fr. Ramon. We are inviting our young people to not only be formed for the sacrament but by the sacraments. Each young person will be invited to accompany a sacramental celebration – for example, to go with a priest, deacon or Eucharistic minister in bringing the sacraments to someone who is ill. It could also involve accompanying a family in the baptism of a child or a couple who is celebrating the sacrament of matrimony. We will also invite the confirmation candidates to attend the Fr. Corapi Retreat and/or the April 3 Conference by Mark Shea.

I mentioned last week that Fr. Corapi was one of two people to receive an 8.1 million dollar reward for blowing the whistle on a medical fraud scheme. Their complaint saved the government some $54 million in Medicare costs. Their reward was the minimum fifteen percent specified by the federal False Claims Act. Since Fr. Corapi is a religious order priest, the money will go to the congregation to which he belongs. When Fr. Corapi gives the retreat at Holy Family on March 5-6, he will bring something much more valuable than a million dollars. He has a life-changing message for everyone, especially for young people. Please fill out registration form and plan on attending this important event.

As a follow-up to Fr. Corapi, we have invited Mark Shea to give a conference on Saturday, April 3. Mark is local boy, raised in Everett as a “more or less agnostic pagan.” In 1979 he became a non-denomination Evangelical and in 1987 entered the Catholic Church. He has been a popular speaker, giving conferences throughout the United States and in foreign countries. Mark appears frequently on TV and radio – and has written several popular books including: Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did, By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition and This is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence.

Later this month Mark will be giving a conference at Blessed Sacrament Church: January 30 7:00 PM. Topic: How I Got This Way: Confessions of a Double Jump Convert. January 31 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Topic: Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did, Contact Angela Kim blessedsacrament@yahoo.com for registration details or call the parish at 206-547-3020.

If you are able, please attend the Annual March for Life, this Tuesday, January 20, from noon to 1 p.m. in Olympia. St. Michael's Church in Olympia will have a Mass for Life at 10 a.m.

Last week I gave a short report on our financial situation. During the first six months our non-school income (collections, donations for sacramental services, etc.) was slightly above what we projected, which was good. However our non-school expenses were about twenty thousand above what we budgeted. Part of the reason was an IRS fine of about ten thousand dollars which last week was rescinded. This is very good news, thanks to the efforts of Tom Weber. Also we had not budgeted for the expenses of clearing our newly acquired lot. School parent Tien Le donated his equipment and time, but the dumping fees came to about five thousand dollars. Finally we had not budgeted the raffle expenses which came to seven thousand, including the prizes. However, since we grossed nineteen thousand on the raffle, it was overall a great boost to our parish finances. Our big challenge as I mentioned is getting our parish school on a solid financial footing. It costs about $3,500 per child to educate a student a Holy Family School. Although this amount is less than half of the cost at Seattle Public Schools, it is still a challenge for many of our families, even though the parish subsidy covers part of that expense. For Catholic Schools week (January 26-February 1) we are offering the possibility of “adopting a child” at our parish school by helping a parent cover the cost of tuition. After Masses last Sunday, three parishioners told me they would be interested in helping out this way. I am sure there are other will come forward. We will have more information next weekend.

La semana pasada les di en el boletín un breve reporte sobre nuestra situación financiera. Durante las primeras seis semanas nuestros ingresos (a parte de la escuela) eran un poco mejor de lo que hemos presupuestado. Sin embargo, los gastos también eran mayores. Una parte era una multa del “I.R.S.” que hemos resuelto a nuestro favor, gracias al buen trabajo de Tom Weber. También la limpieza del nuevo lote parroquial nos costó cinco mil dólares. Nuestra meta mayor es mantener la escuela parroquial. Nos cuesta $3,500 por niño. A pesar de ser la mitad del costo en las escuelas publicas, es un gran reto para nosotros. Tenemos espacio para mas niños y, si la escuela está llena, el costo por niño es menor. Durante la semana Escuelas Católicas (26 enero al 1ero de febrero) les daremos mayor información.

Samwise inspeccionando el nuevo lote parroquial.

Algunos de estos niños van a nuestra escuela parroquial. Todos son bienvenidos. Mayor información durante la Semana de Escuelas Catolicas (26 de enero al 1ero de febrero).

Bienvendidos al Diácono Abel Magaña y su familia que, en la semana pasada, regresaron de México: