Bulletin (January 11, 2004)

This past week we have been going over our parish income and expenses during the six months from July 1 through December 31. As you can imagine, there is both good news and bad news. I will give a fuller report later this month, but I do want to mention some of the good news. First of all, we did do pretty well in our Sacrificial Giving. In spite of some low collections during summer and other months, we received a total of $270,878 in our Sunday and holy day collections. This was only about nine thousand dollars below our budget goal of $280 thousand. A special thanks to those who gave so generously at Christmas time.

In other areas of non-school income we were $13.3 thousand over our budget goal. Two-bit and other collections (e.g. Spanish daily and wedding Masses) totaled $21,504, which was about three thousand over our budget goal. The raffle netted $12 thousand, which was big boost. Donations for sacramental services were also above the budget goal, for example: weddings (9.4k), baptisms (6.1k) funerals (2k), quinceañeras (2.1k), Mass stipends (2k), Guadalupe novena (1.7k) and Simbang Gabi (1.4k). Other non-school income included votive candles (2.6k), shirt sales (.7k), Hispanic food sales (2k), deanery grant (7.3k) and house rental (8.7k). From these and other sources we received a total of $102,818 which as I mentioned was 13.3k over our budget goal of $89,500. All of this is good news. There is some bad news in other areas of income & expense about which I will give a more detailed report later in the month.

We are making some progress regarding our parish indebtedness. In our two-bit collections toward the boiler debt we received $4864, for lot purchase $4402. Also we received in two-bit collections $2967 for school scholarship fund and $2062 for deanery hospital and prison ministry. For assistance to the poor within our own parish through our St. Vincent de Paul and Madre Teresa group, we received $12,103. Below are some pictures from the Christmas food and gift distribution by St. Vincent de Paul and Madre Teresa. Bob Atkins and Frank Buty were among those working in the back to prepare boxes of food:

Among those up front were Nell Wheeler and, next to her, Marcelo Re:

High school students and others helped with gift distribution:

Before Christmas we also had a lovely celebration of the Posadas:

For Christmas Masses we had a beautiful choral group, directed by Paul Grady:

On the Sunday after Christmas, we celebrated our parish patronal feast – the Holy Family: