Bulletin (February 23, 2003)

On the First Sunday of Lent we will have some small liturgical changes. I will explain more in next week's bulletin, but one of the important goals is a greater unity, especially regarding postures (kneeling, standing, sitting). Thus people will feel a greater confidence when attending Mass in different parishes. The congregation should kneel from after the Sanctus (Holy, Holy) through the Great Amen. Then, beginning on March 9, they should remain standing until all have received Communion or until the end of the Communion Hymn. At that point each person may kneel or sit to make their individual thanksgiving. While I am personally a fan of kneeling because the posture expresses great adoration and worship, it should be pointed out that standing is also a sign of reverence. If someone extemely important walked into a room, most of us would instinctively stand and remain standing while that person was present. In the Book of Revelation, John had a vision of the saints "standing before the throne and the Lamb." (7:9) Later they "fell down before the throne to worship God." (v. 11) Standing during Communion, then reverently kneeling would combine those two gestures of respect and worship.

As always, I am grateful for your support of the Archdiocese and of Holy Family Parish. This week we received a nice bequest. Matilda De Gabriele brought a thousand dollar check on behalf of her mom, Mary E. Pavelich. Mary was born in Croatia and eventually made her way to Seattle, where she was a long time parishioner of Holy Family. She lived to age 100, enjoying good health and a sound mind right to the end of her life. Please remember Mary - and all benefactors of Holy Family. And do remember Holy Family when you make your will. One suggestion is to tithe - that is, give ten percent of ones estate to charity.

Samwise continues his slow recuperation from his broken left hind leg. He will be staying with my brother, Louis, for a few more weeks.

--Fr. Phil Bloom