Bulletin (December 9, 2001)

Thank you for your beautiful response to our November Stewardship campaign. Around one thousand (!) parishioners filled out Sacrificial Giving slips. During the past few weeks I have been signing letters to those who made this commitment to God and to Holy Family Parish. If you filled out a slip, but have not received a letter, please call the parish office, 206-767-6220 or drop us a note. If you have not filled out a sacrificial giving form, please do so and drop it in the collection or at the rectory. If you are regular envelope user and did not fill out a form, do not worry. We will continue to send you envelopes in 2002. At the same time we are trying to “clean up” our parish list. Holy Family is somewhat “mobile” parish with people always coming and going, so it is sometimes hard to keep track of exactly who is a parish member. Beginning this January we will assume that if someone has not used their envelopes for several months, they are no longer part of the parish and will take them off our parish list. I know that many of our families are facing economic hardships. In that case, to maintain active membership, it will be enough to each month place an envelope in the collection with any amount, even a dollar or a dime. It is important for us to know that you are still with us.

For active members of the parish we will be having listening sessions during the month of January. The goal of these sessions is two-fold. First, we want to hear parishioners needs and concerns regarding Holy Family, so that with the help of the parish council, I will be able to formulate strategic plan. Secondly, in addressing our building needs, this is an essential step to determining whether we should consider a capital campaign. The Steering Committee meets this week and by next weekend we should have more specifics as far as dates and format of the listening sessions.

During these days I have been asking the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe for our parish. For sure you have noticed the beautiful altar in her honor. It was built by several of our parishioners in the traditional Mexican style. The Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be celebrated in English at 8:30 a.m. this Wednesday, December 12. The Mass in Spanish is at 7 p.m. You are welcome to attend either service. It happens that this Sunday, December 9, is the designated feast day for Blessed Juan Diego, the man who received the image of Our Lady on his cloak. Please read the following summary of his life.