Bulletin (August 7, 2005)

I appreciated the warm welcome you gave to our new principal last weekend. Mr. Lutz commented on the friendliness and hospitality of Holy Family Parishioners. Also, several families approached him, expressing interest in our parish school. Pass the word around if you know of families in our area who are looking for a fine school for their children. I also appreciated the fact that you laughed when he mentioned the age of the school (operating since 1927) and how that was “about the time Father Bloom was born.” A few people did not realize Mr. Lutz was a making a joke. Mr. Lutz spoke at all seven weekend Masses at which we took up a second collection for Tuition Assistance for needy families. A total of $889 was given. Thank you!

This weekend the two-bit collection will be for a parish security system. With the rectory break-in earlier this year and the vandalism of the St. Michael statue a few weeks ago, the need is obvious. I have asked some members of our Building Committee, headed up by Gary Samaniego, to come up with a more comprehensive security plan for our parish. Part of this will be addressed as we move forward with the improvements envisioned by the Capital Campaign, for example, providing better lighting around the school and other buildings, as well as in our parking lots. I am grateful to all those who are supporting this Campaign. As you can see, each week the totals increase and we are adding new donors.

It is good to be home. I thought you might enjoy this picture, which my brother Louis took last Monday. It shows my grand-nieces and nephew. From left to right they are: Gabriel, Hannah, Sarah and Rachael (above). Their grandmother (my sister Melanie) took them to the library, and I am reading one of the books they checked out. It’s about Lucky O’Leprechaun, and as you can see, it is a pretty good story. The children’s dad is one of the soldiers in Iraq whom we have been praying for. Currently, he has received the opportunity to train to do development work, something he is very enthusiastic about. Pray for Bob and all those who serve in our military.

Next weekend our two-bit collection will be for the satellite office of Birthright here at Holy Family Parish. As I mentioned the costs to the parish are very small, basically providing some space in the Ailbe House and helping them find the necessary volunteers to serve in the office. Birthright is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide a center where any pregnant woman will find a loving, nonjudgmental environment that supports her decision to carry her child to term. Birthright’s positive support and advocacy strive to help the mother mobilize her own resources and those of the community to face the future and to plan constructively for herself and her child.

Last week I mentioned the August 16-20 workshop by Dr. Janet Smith entitled “Sexual Common Sense.” Here is a more extensive description: There is no question that our culture is a sexual mess -- which translates into a lot of broken hearts and broken lives. The Catholic Church has the wisdom about sexuality derived from scripture and natural law (good common sense) that too few Catholics know and live. Why is sex outside of marriage so destructive? Why is contraception wrong? What is the conscience and its role in decision making? What is the connection between contraception, abortion, assisted suicide, and same-sex unions? Prof. Smith and Dr. Tom Curran will cover these and other crucial topics during this weeklong series of lectures.

Come and participate for the week, a day, an evening, the Friday night workshop, or the Saturday workshop. These presentations offer valuable insight and training for teachers, principals, catechists, youth workers, parents, young adults or anyone interested in issues of sexuality, contraception, immorality in our culture and what the church has to say about all these topics and more. There is even a question and answer session after each presentation for you to have all your questions answered! Over 800,000 copies of Professor Janet Smith’s message have been distributed throughout the world and thousands have been touched by these insights on sexuality. This is a summer event you won’t want to miss! Register Online at: http://www.MyCatholicFaith.org or call 253-835-5016.

Les agradezco por la bienvenida calorosa que dieron al nuevo director de nuestra escuela parroquial. El Sr. Lutz comentó sobre la hospitalidad de los feligreses de Sagrada Familia. También algunas personas se le acercaron para pedir información sobre enviar a sus hijos a la escuela. Es Sr. Lutz habló en las siete misas y hubo una segunda colecta de $ _________. Gracias.

Este domingo la colecta es para el sistema de seguridad. Con el robo de la rectoría y el vandalismo de la estatua de San Miguel, la necesidad es obvia. Me he reunido con unos miembros del Comité de Edificios, guiado por Gary Samaniego, para formular un plan comprehensivo para la seguridad parroquial. Una parte esta incluida en la Campaña Capital, por ejemplo, proveer mejor iluminación para la escuela y otros edificios, además de los lotes de estacionamiento. Estoy agradecidos a todos que apoyan la Campaña. Como se puede ver, los totales aumentan cada semana y estamos añadiendo nuevos donadores.

Y hablando de segunda colectas, el próximo fin de semana es para Birthright (Derecho de Nacer). Los costos de la oficina satélite para la parroquia son mínimas, básicamente proveer espacio en la Ailbe House y buscar voluntarios para ayudar en la oficina. Derecho de Nacer es una organización sin fines de lucro cuya meta es tener un centro (o centros) donde cualquier mujer embrazada puede encontrar un ambiente de aceptación que apoya su decisión de llevar el niño al nacimiento. Derecho de Nacer da apoyo positivo para ayudar a la mamá en movilizar sus propios recursos y los de la comunidad para enfrentar el futuro y planear constructivamente para ella misma y el niño. Estamos buscando voluntarios (principalmente señoras o señoritas) que puedan ayudar en esta linda obra. Favor de llamar a Mónica, 206-767-6220, para mayor información.