Bulletin (September 18, 2005)

This week Bishop Eusebio Elizondo will visit Holy Family Parish. As you know, Bishop Elizondo is one of our two new auxiliary bishops, ordained last June in St. James Cathedral. He brings tremendous gifts to his episcopal ministry. Since we are the largest Hispanic parish in the Archdiocese, I asked Bishop Eusebio if he would give us some special attention. On Wednesday he will spend an entire day in the parish, visiting the children and teachers in our school, meeting with the faculty and staff and in the evening celebrating the 7 p.m. Mass. Next weekend he will preach at our seven weekend Masses. In case you are wondering how to pronounce his name, it has five syllables: ay (rhymes with hay)-oo (rhymes with too)-SAY-be-oh.

Bishop Eusebio’s visit is part of an overall effort to bring about more communio in our parish. As you are probably aware, we have a great number of parishioners who attend our Spanish Masses. Bishop Eusebio will be speaking to them about the importance of participating in the full life of the parish, including Stewardship of time, talent and treasure. He also has a great passion for Catholic schools and will be encouraging parents to consider sending their children to a parish school. Our current enrollment is around 220, which means we have places for about eighty more students. Every grade has openings. Given the numbers of children we have been baptizing (last year our total baptisms were 526!) we obviously have the potential for a full parish school.

Speaking of Holy Family School, last spring I met with Sr. Joyce Cox, the Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese. I asked her if the Archdiocese could focus some particular effort for our school. As a result, she commissioned a “Study Group” to meet with our principal, parish administrator and me. Along with Ed Williams, who has been helping us with parish finances, she appointed Bob McLaughlin, who is a banker here in Seattle, and Lisa Janicki, who was instrumental in getting Immaculate Conception School (Mount Vernon) on a solid economic footing. We have already had a couple of very helpful meetings, and they will be with us this Thursday for the joint meeting of our Parish Council, Finance Council and School Commission.

Part of the answer is the hard work that goes into fund raising efforts. Our school families sell Innisbrook products in the fall; also they will be participating in the raffle, which we hope will be a major fund-raiser during these next six weeks. We are trying to get all our school parents to use Scrip, which is a “painless” way to raise funds since it simply involves paying the same price for groceries, gasoline and other products. Safeway is now offering “e-script” which means registering your Safeway card so that a percentage of every purchase automatically goes to supporting our parish school. What could be simpler? Other stores also are offering e-script. If we could get a substantial number of parishioners signed up, it would go a long ways toward resolving our economic crunch.

These coming weeks I will be offering a series of articles from the U.S. Bishops Conference on human life issues. The first deals with the question of Genetic Enhancement: Custom Kids and Chimeras. It asks these questions: Is it wrong to produce children with genetically enhanced height and strength to become NBA All-Stars (dubbed “gene doping” by the press)? Take it one step further. What is wrong with designing children with enhanced intelligence? What about a hybrid creature with human and animal characteristics enabling him (it?) to perform dangerous and undesirable tasks in society that others loathe? The article helps sort out these questions and offers some clear thinking based on the teachings of our Church. In coming weeks I will be offering articles on other topics: euthanasia, contraception, capital punishment, Gospel of Life and Roe v. Wade. The number of pamphlets is limited. I ask you to take one only if you intend on reading it and are willing to make a thirty cent donation to pay for the purchase price.

Looking for a fast paced and inspirational book? I highly recommend Raymond Arroyo’s unauthorized biography of Mother Angelica. You can order it through Aquinas Books, 425-828-4413.

Please remember in your prayers the two men who were murdered this past week in the Southcenter parking lot. One of them (Ivan) was a seventeen year old. His death brings great grief to his parents and family. The other was a young married man. Their funerals will take place this week here at Holy Family Church.

Quisiera agradecer a todos que participaron en la linda fiesta del domingo pasado en la ocasión de mi cumpleaños. En forma especial, agradezco a los que prepararon la rica comida, el grupo Misión Divina y los otros que presentaron cantos. El dinero colectado será usado para ayudar a los pobres por medio del Centro Mary Bloom en Perú. A todos, gracias por su cariño y apoyo a mi como su padre espiritual.

Esta semana el Obispo Eusebio Elizondo visitará a nuestra parroquia. Como Vds. saben, el obispo Elizondo fue uno de dos nuevos obispos auxiliares, ordenados el 6 de junio en la catedral de St. James. El día miércoles el obispo Eusebio pasará el día entero con nosotros, visitando los niños de la escuela, reuniéndose con los profesores y otros trabajadores de la parroquia y celebrando la misa de 7 p.m. El próximo fin de semana, Monseñor Eusebio celebrará y predicará en todas las misas.

Monseñor Eusebio enfocará en nuestra participación en la parroquia por medio de la mayordomía de tiempo, talentos y tesoro. También hablará de la importancia de la escuela católica y que todos los papás consideren la posibilidad de enviar a su hijo a nuestra escuela primaria. Al momento tenemos unos 220 alumnos que significa que hay espacio por unos ochenta más.

Pido sus oraciones por los dos hombres matados en el estacionamiento de Southcenter. Uno de ellos (Ivan) es un muchacho de solamente 17 años. Es bien triste para sus papás, familiares, y amistades. El otro era un hombre casado. Su funeral se llevará a cabo este miércoles en el templo de Holy Family.