Last week our Building Discernment Committee held an important meeting. As you know, this committee has been involved in a discernment process for over a year. During that time we have analyzed the different needs of Holy Family Parish and have met with various representatives from the Archdiocese. We are at the point of pulling some of this together as a more concrete written proposal. You will be hearing more about this during the coming weeks as look at the seismic concerns of existing buildings and the need for a multi-purpose facility.

Before facing these projects it is important that we get our parish finances on a more solid footing. Last year the boilers in both our school and Ailbe House (former convent) needed to be replaced. This entailed considerable expense which involved a loan from the Archdiocese as well as using cash reserves from the past two or three years. Thanks to Mr. Tom Swim we have been able to get a much clearer picture of our parish economic situation. I am also grateful for your response in our Sacrificial Giving to bring our income more in line with our budget. Still our cash flow is tight and we need your support.

All of these economic concerns can be somewhat daunting. Still I am most optimistic about the support and generosity of Holy Family parishioners, both long time and new. Even though the parish is located in one of the poorer areas of King County, people here have also responded generously. Everyone who comes here is impressed by our beautiful church which was built and has been maintained with considerable sacrifice. During our Sacrificial Giving weekends in November we will once again be calling on your generosity. Meanwhile I ask you to continue your level of giving and, if possible, to increase it. All that we have is from God and part of our worship is to return to him a share of what we have received. And when we give to God we always receive the blessings we need.

Fr. Phil Bloom
Sept. 21, 1999