Reflection from Retired Physician

Dear Fr. Bloom:

Thank you for taking the time to write such an extensive answer to my email. (See previous) I know it must be very hard for a dedicated and devout person to see what has been coming out in the news about errant priests. No doubt some of the accusations are false. One might even think that this was a case of mass hysteria in the Boston Archdiocese if it weren't for the fact that priests behaving improperly with children has been occurring in many other archdioceses.

I think the Church will be plagued with the issue of some priests behaving improperly with children as long as Cardinals and their subordinates cover up this activity and use denial to face up to the issue. Although I am not a Catholic myself, many close friends are of the Catholic faith as is one of my wife's brothers. Priests and nuns do a lot of good for humankind. Some do not.

As a retired physician I am fully aware of aberrant behavior occurring among physicians and that this has been covered up in the past. Even today it occurs. It is not tolerated once it becomes known to others. Alcoholism among physicians is still not dealt with directly as much as it should be. But during my 40 years in medicine I have seen great improvements because of dealing directly and honestly with the issues.

Best wishes,

Ed Parker


Dear Dr. Parker,

Thank you. I appreciate your observations and sharing about similar problems policing the medical profession. Here in Seattle, any priest who had a substantial charge of sexual involvement with a minor was removed. That happened about fifteen years ago, after we had a very notorious case. It involved a priest who was recently ordained, altho he was somewhat older. I am on the seminary review board and of course one of the main things we screen is possibility of child abuse.

I have to admit I was somewhat amazed that, in Boston and apparently other dioceses, priests who had molested minors were allowed to continue ministering. I cannot imagine what Cardinal Law was thinking. At the same time, I thank God I was never given such responsibility. I have had a hard enough time with my relatively limited area. I pray for him and all the bishops.

Anyway, Ed, I do appreciate you writing.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Blom

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