No Sinful Popes?

Mr. Bloom

Since you refer to Peter as the 1st pope (see previous) and I wish not to get into that debate except to say that no where in the Bible does the word pope appear and it actually doesn't until over 300 years after Christ's death, it saddens me that you cannot see the far contrast between Peter and the other apostles and these men that claim to be "vicars" of Christ. Have you read one bit of the history behind so many of these so-called vicars? Of course you have. You yourself just stated that there were sinful popes. But this is my point. Rome says there can be "no" sinful popes. They are infallible. And if you don't believe this you are anathematized. Go to the catholic encyclopedia and look up anathema after you have read the Coucil of Trent and pay particular attention to the ritual that is performed. It is nothing short of paganistic. Mr. Bloom, I have no bitterness for the many sincere catholics that are in bodage to the teachings of mere men. I pray for them each day. Popes do not represent Christ. This is blasphemaous to even consider.

You say that some of the articles that I sent you had a morbid interest in the subject? Any way you try to write it or read it of course it will be perceived this way. It is morbid. Morbid that men would committ such horrible actions. we can't hide from it because it turns our stomach. It needs to be written for what it is so that the many people that blindly put their trust in this institution can have their eyes opened. These men are sick, this is true, but what is sicker is that they were harbored by others and moved around from parish to parish so that "holy mother church" wouldn't have a scandel on her hands. How sad. And all along the children are the victims yet men like Cardinal Law have taken the spotlight. And by the way, if you are going to print statistics like the ones that you do I only hope you would know about the over one $billion paid out to settle these cases. And those are just the ones we know about. It has already been estimated that Boston will be paying over "200Million" alone to settle not just one case but over 100's since now over "70" priests have been named as pedophiles and most were already hidden away by men like cardinal Law as he paid out millions in hush money. He should be tried along with all of these men and put in jail. He abused an opportunity to save the precious lives of 100's of children but instead looked only to protect Rome. Shame on him!

I never once said I am searching for a sinless church. Excuse me but I do understan Romans 3. There are none righteous. I didn't leave the catholic church. I wouldn't give it that honor as if it means anything to be catholic. No, I was drawn closer to God by His grace. This cannot be found in any religious institution. I suggest you read Romans chapter 3 and while you are at it please read Hebrews 9:11-28 and 10:1-14. Christ's sacrifice was sufficient Mr. Bloom. But Rome adds on so much doesn't she?

You can say that I'm wrong but that will only satisfy your comfort zone but it will never take the place of the truth. I was once part of your "man centered system" and now I am part of Christ only as it should be "Christ centered". You compromise the all sufficient blood that our savior shed for us everytime you add anything to his perfect sacrifice. Perhaps one day you will see this. In the meantime I pray that you will and ask that you read about Richard Bennett. He too once thought as you did giving over 22 years of faithful service to Rome. If you really want to know the truth send me a mailing address and I will send to you his book "Far from Rome , Near to God" as it is the documentary of 50 priests that have found a personal relationship with Christ and have since left Rome. You owe it to yourself to read these beautiful testimonies. Visit his site at I urge you.

Thank you for your reply. I sincerely do care for you and the millions of catholics that follow man blindly (Psalm 118:8). God is our "only" Rock. The biblical "church" as been and always will be the body of believers with Christ as its Head. This is not exclusive to Rome. Believers are all over the world and one not need to be a Roman catholic to be one but "mother church" not only teaches differently but condemns those that aren't with her 100's of anathemas that you & I both know were only ever really used as a means to stop many sincere catholics from seeking reform within the walls of a corrupt institution. Teach your flock about Christ only and leave man out of the equasion. He has no place in our salvation.

Peace in Christ,



Dear Peter,

I am just a simple parish priest, stumbling along, so I don't know if I can reply to everything in your letter. However, I do have a few questions.

1. Where did you get the idea that "Rome says there can be 'no' sinful popes"? Almost every discussion of the Petrine office mentions the distinction between infallibility and impeccability. Did you never hear that distinction in your years as a Catholic?

2. I read Richard Bennett's Life Testimony. I was amazed a former priest could present so many distortions of Catholic teaching. (I could enumerate them if you wish.) In his favor, I would note that he studied theology during a time of terrible confusion. After reading his attack on Catholic doctrine (particularly regarding "merit"), my most basic question would be, Does he believe human beings can make a free choice between good and evil? Do you?

3. Does the absence of a word mean the absence of a reality? For example, nowhere in the New Testament can you find the word "trinity." Does that mean the Blessed Trinity does not exist?

4. What has Rome added to the sacrifice of Christ (apart from what St. Paul indicates in Col 1:24)?

I have some smaller questions, Peter. For example, was Moses following a pagan ritual when he pronounced his anathemas? Did Peter and Paul not set up "institutions"? If there was no pope until 300 years after Christ, why did St. Irenaeus (c 130-202) provide a list of bishops of Rome beginning with Peter? (If you are interested in documentation, you can find a series of concise articles at

About the pedophilia scandal, I am not interested in defending the indefensible. Anyone familiar with Romans 3 would not lose their faith even in the face of such horrible sins. However, do not the articles you sent contain a temptation to Phariseeism? After all, the Pharisees were men who focused on the horrible sins of others and did not recognize their own.

Like I say, Peter, I am a simple priest - and do not have that many answers. But I hope you will at least consider the questions. For you, as well as for me, salvation depends on willingness to embrace the truth, no matter what the personal cost.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Bloom


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