Boletín (3 de octubre de 2004)

Como Uds. saben, el próximo Domingo el diacono Abel, varios feligreses y yo iremos a Guadalajara para el Congreso Eucarístico. El arzobispo Brunett enviará con nosotros un cheque para ayudar la arquidiocesis de Guadalajara. El Diacono Abel y yo lo daremos personalmente al Cardenal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez. También quisiéramos dar una contribución de parte de la parroquia de Holy Family. Si Ud. desea ayudar, favor poner su donación en el recipiente indicado. Para mayor información sobre el peregrinaje, hablar con Juan Ramón Aldrete.

El domingo pasado les mencioné la Cadena de Vida (Life Chain) que se realizará esta tarde, 3 de octubre, en la calle Roxbury y 16 avenida SW. Favor participar en este testimonio a favor de la vida humana. Comienza a las 2 p.m. y durará una hora. Ven con toda la familia.

Como se puede ver, finalmente estamos reparando el techo del templo. Durante los últimos años ha goteado mucho y causado daño al interior de la iglesia. El arzobispo nos ha prestado el dinero a base del Estudio de Probabilidad realizado en diciembre y la Campaña Capital que empezará en el mes de enero. Como les he reportado, las reparaciones de los techos de la escuela e iglesia nos ahorrarán al largo plazo.

No pierdan la película Therese. Estrenó el 30 de septiembre al Crossroads Theater en Bellevue. Se puede llamar a 425-562-7230 para el horario.

I hope you won’t consider me a namedropper, but I did have lunch with former governor Mike Lowry last week. It was at the blessing of a new Torero’s restaurant in Belltown. Archbishop Brunett did the blessing with Fr. Than Dao and me assisting. After blessing the kitchen, office, storage room and seating area of the restaurant, the Archbishop sprinkled all the guests with holy water. Knowing that the former governor has a good sense of humor, I remarked to him, “Governor Lowry, I hope the Archbishop gave you a good blessing.” He said, “Yeah, I need it.”

During the lunch, we talked about a number of topics, but he became most animated when I told him I would be going to Guadalajara for a week. When he was governor, they had set up a “sister state” program between Washington and Jalisco (Guadalajara is capital of that Mexican state). He gave me a run down of various sites and museums I should try to see. I don’t know how much time I will have for touring since I will be there for the Eucharistic Congress (Oct 10 – 17). Also attending the Congress are Deacon Abel Magaña and a number of Holy Family parishioners. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Juan Ramon Aldrete or call Monica at the rectory, 767-6220.

Archbishop Brunett is sending a check with me to help out the Archdiocese of Guadalajara. Deacon Abel and I will be presenting it to the Archbishop, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez. Also, we will take down any donations from Holy Family Parish. There will be some containers in the church for this cause. If you wish to write a check, please make it to Holy Family Parish with “Guadalajara” in the memo.

Closer to home, this Sunday we have the annual Life Chain. It will begin at 2 p.m. on 16th and Roxbury. Please come and bring the entire family for an hour of quiet prayer and witness to the value of human life from conception through natural death.

It is so wonderful that we are finally able to repair the church roof. As you know, water has leaked through various places and has caused some damage to the structure and interior of the church. The Archdiocese advanced us a loan on the basis of the December Feasibility Study and the upcoming Capital Campaign. As I reported to you, the repairs and replacement of the school and church roofs cost less than the original estimates. The fact that we are able to accomplish them before winter sets in will mean savings in the long run.

This last Wednesday we had a good meeting with our School Commission. Besides discussing upcoming activities, we reviewed the income and expenses of the school and the budget for the current fiscal year. The budget was formulated last spring on the projection of 235 students in our school. We currently have 238 so that is a good sign since the major part of school funds come from tuition payments. A few other students are lined up to enter our school over the next couple of months.

Finally, do not miss the move Therese. It opened September 30 at the Crossroads Theater in Bellevue. Call 425-562-7230 for show times.