Major Robert D. Lindenau Tutoring Program

(Mary Bloom Center, Puno, Peru; January 2012)

The 2012 delegation spent the first week of January with children of the Major Robert Lindenau Tutoring Program. This program helps children who are in danger of dropping out school. The Mary Bloom Center employed a social worker to identify the children in most difficult situations. Although the school year ended in December, the Mary Bloom Center offered a "summer school" during the month of January. The delegation inaugurated the summer school with four days of intensive activity. The pictures below give some idea of the interaction of the delegates and the Bob Lindenau children.

The delegation was blessed to have two college students, Lauren Hance and Marianne "Nonna" Cruz. The prepared lessons that involved mosaics of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Claire. The mosaics were chosen to correspond to the themes of Prayer and Creation. They also gave an overview of the seven sacraments. Children who could recite the sacraments from memory received a small prize. On the first two days the children learned how to make a personal rosary and we recited the prayers of the rosary in both English and Spanish.

Each session began with a meal. For most of the Bob Lindenau children, this is the most nourishing meal they receive. The pictures below show Vanh Pham helping to prepare the lunch for the children and delegates.

I was proud of how the "American Lindenau's" (my great nieces and nephew) interacted with the Peruvian children. The pictures show Rachael, Gabriel, Sarah and Hannah participating in the lesson and taking their part in handing out the packets at the end of the course.

We concluded with a Mass concelebrated by Fr. Robert Hoffmann, M.M., a Maryknoll missionary who has worked in Peru over the course of the past five decades. Fr. Hoffmann serves a spiritual advisor and financial oversight of the Mary Bloom Center. Fr. Hoffmann is pastor of the new parish in Salcedo, which is one of the poorest sectors of Puno and is the area where most of the Bob Lindenau children come from.

With this great start, the summer school continued through the month of January. This course, along with the entire Bob Lindenau tutoring progam, has helped these children greatly improve the school work and make amazing advances in their studies. Below the pictures you will find links to studies done by social workers that document the effectiveness of this program.

The following pictures are mainly by Andy Getavesky (my niece Tonya's fiance) and Nonna Cruz.

Mosaics of Blessed Virgin Mary & Child Jesus (Melisa Margot)



Melisa Margot, Sarah, Wiliam, Julio Cesar, Janine

Yessica, Mariela

Making Rosaries (Paola y Lauren)

Andy, Sarah, Janine, Julio

Nataly Danitza




Sharing meal with Lindenau children (Vanh preparing sandwiches)

Hayde & Nataly



Robert, Alexander, Lauren, Paola,


Rachael with drawings of Sacraments

P. Felipe, Andy, Julio Cesar - reciting seven sacraments

Playing catch with soccer ball in MBC patio (Gerard & Andre w/ Gabe, Sarah & Hannah in background)

Bob Lindenau Choral


Marisol, Ines, Jaquelin, Karen y Yessica

Roxana y Yesica


Melisa Margot

Max y Robert

Top row: Jonathan, Aurelio, Andre, Gerald, Boris, Jesus, Mariela, Marisol & Roxana
Middle row: Graciela, Julio Cesar, Brayan, Hector, ?, Karen, Maria Elena, Hayde Sonia & Ines, Dr. Anita
Bottom row: Alex, Max, Diego, Paola, Yoselin, Luz Marina & Melisa

Farewell to Vanh (she returned to U.S. on January 6)

Bob Lindenau Coral performing at Puno Cathedral (they took first prize)

Packets with drawings, Guardian Angel prayers, bracelets, dental supplies, etc.

Nonna with Aurelio

Sarah w/ Melisa

Tonya, Hector, Nonna

Rachael & Hayde

Lauren & Boris








Hannah & Melisa




Tonya, Sarah, Hannah, Maria Elena, Nonna

Marisol, Gabe, Lauren


Bob Lindenau Children - some individual portraits (Hayde)










Hector, Jonathan, Graciela, Gilmer, Wiliam, Max

Yoselin, Rachael, Gerard, Nonna

Gerard & Nonna



Aurelio & Sarah

Brayan & Hannah

Roxana & Gabe

Jonathan & Rachael


Aurelio, Jesus, Wiliam & Andy

Maria Elena, Tonya, Marisol

Aurelio & Sarah

Hannah & Max

Maria Elena presenting a gratitude card to Tonya

Karen giving card to Andy


Julio Cesar

Sarah, Roxana, Tonya - an emotional moment

Luz giving presentation for delegates

Graciela presenting Mary Bloom Center pin to Andy

uncle & niece - another emotional moment

Tonya, Hannah & Sarah with Maria Elena

Tonya & Luz

Dance at conclusion of program with delegates

Closing Mass

Jesus doing first reading of Mass



a fun moment after Mass

Fr. Robert Hoffmann, M.M.

Closing Mass for "Summer School" January 27

Bob Lindenau Children after Closing Mass

Soccer Balls (Gift of Tom Morgan) Orestes


Jon Max

Word of thanks from Bob Lindenau mothers

Final meal with children



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Dr. Ana


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