"Bible as your ONE and ONLY source of information."

...If you were brought up away from all churches, chapels, popes and bishops, and you only had the Bible as your ONE and ONLY source of information. Would you honestly believe Mary was a sinner or not? Please really think about it being honest with yourself. All types of Christianity can makes make mistakes, we are all fallible.



Dear Arron,

Not to reinvent the wheel, here is an explanation of sinlessness of Mary. Also an article below by Dave Armstrong which gives a pretty good Bible-based explanation regarding the intercession of the angels, Mary and other saints. Let me know what you think?

About what I would do if I only had the Bible, I think I would ask some questions. Why does one Bible leave out seven Old Testament books (as well as parts of Daniel)? What authority decided which books belong - and do not belong - in the Bible? Does that authority exist today?

With those questions, I would read that Jesus established a Church with a certain authority and structure. Does that authority end when the canon of the Bible is determined?

Finally I would ask why there are so many thousands of denominations, each with a different interpretation of the Bible - some about very basic things such as whether Jesus is God in the full sense of the word, whether baptism and other sacraments are necessary for justification, whether Sunday worship negates the Ten Commandments & therefore Christ's sacrifice, whether we must observe other Old Testament laws, and even things like whether homosexual behavior and polygamy are wrong. Is there no authority that can decide such vital questions, as the Council of Nicea defined Jesus consubstantiality with the Father?

Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Unitarians and others reject the Nicene Creed. I assume that you would not be in that category. Correct?


Fr. Phil Bloom

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