TO: Rich Sobocinski,

Re: ce/bce?

Father, I've just been reading some of the links from your homepage. Nice job, please keep it up. I was wondering if you might know of a link to anything that explains this new obsession with ce and bce (common era/before the common era) over the more traditional BC and AD? If you are scratching your head as to why I'm asking you, it's because your essay about Carl Sagan and the 'religion' of science reminded me that some of those arguments might be similar to the arguments against the use of ce/bce.

This subject has been really nagging me ever since I had to complain to the headmaster at my daughter's Catholic HS about her religion teacher using this artificial time reckoning. Thanks.



Dear Rich,

Thanks for the e-mail and the question. I really don't know anything more than what you elude to, a desire to avoid the reference to Jesus. It does seem strange to use ce & bce at a Catholic High School. I will post it on my website and see if anyone else has any further insights.

God bless,

Fr. Phil