Internet Sites to Explain Catholic Practices

Fr. Bloom,

First let me thank you for your website and the wealth of information it provides...My questions are: Is there a book or internet site/chatroom you could recommend for someone who isn't sure about converting to the Catholic religion? Would this book specifically help someone who is converting from the baptist religion to catholicism and explain some of the many different practices (ie Catholics confess to priests, etc, while Baptists believe you do not but confess directly to god?) The 2 religions are so different in practice and I do not understand many things about catholicism, but would like to know more before I make such an important decision... Thank you for your time.



A good place to start is: Catholic Home Study Service

Also Catholic Answers has online tracts which answer specific questions like why we have confession to a priest, veneration for the Blessed Virgen Mary, authority of pope, etc.

For a little more indepth (but very readable) explanations see the writings of Dr. Peter Kreeft He is a philosophy professor at Boston College and a convert to Catholicism. Another convert who is very good, especially on Scripture is Dr. Scott Hahn.

For the basic call to conversion and holiness, the best preacher we have currently is Fr. John Corapi. I encourage you to listen to some of his tapes.

As you can see from my website, I am simple parish priest who tries to give ordinary people encouragement in being better Catholics - and becoming Catholics. So you are very much in my prayers.

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