Dear Seapadre:

Just a quick e-note to say thanks for your wonderful website ! Your homilies are sensitive, insightful, and glorify God. Thanks for meeting the tough questions head-on with grace and humor (where appropriate). You are in my prayers.

If I may share a couple of resources with you. . .

# 1 concerning the doctrine of hell and eternal punishment, I recommend "Hell: the Logic of Damnation" by Jerry Walls (University of Notre Dame Press, 1992). Dr. Walls was a professor of mine in seminary, and did an outstanding job in this volume.

# 2 concerning apologetics, my favorite author is the late E. Stanley Jones, a former Methodist missionary to India. Written in a popular style (i.e. no theological jargon), Dr. Jones presents the Christian faith with exceptional clarity. "Abundant Living" is still in print, but he has over 25 other books currently out of print. I have extra copies of "The Way" and "The Word Became Flesh", two of his best works, if you would like them. Keep up the good work . . . you are certainly one of the Lord's "special treasures" (Malachi 3:17).

Preacher Ken


Note to Ken: Thank you. I tried to send an e-mail back to you, but the address didn't work. I am interested in the books you mentioned.

Fr. Phil Bloom