Keeping the Boat in Good Condition

(Third Sunday of Easter)
Today's Gospel was much loved by the early Fathers of the Church. They developed this symbolic interpretation: Jesus is on the shore looking out to the apostles in their fishing boat. He is risen so he is already in heaven. He prepares a meal which represents the heavenly banquet. Meanwhile the apostles row toward shore with a net full of fish, representing souls being brought to Jesus. The apostles are the pope and bishops of the Church. For example, the apostolic successor here in Seattle is Archbishop Brunett.

This symbolism of the boat representing the Church is so appropriate for the Annual Catholic Appeal. We need to give our talents to help row the boat toward its goal. But we also have to keep the ship and nets in good condition. That requires our material giving. This Sunday I have asked a layman from our parish to offer his testimony about the importance of our giving to the Church. Please warmly welcome this Sunday's speaker: Javier Robles.

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