Reactions to Review of The Apostle

All due respect to you Father, but, I saw The Apostle and I thought it stunk. I thought it promoted stereotypes and treated grace as "cheap".

Casey Bogdanski


Dear Seapadre,

Been surfing your site for about 2 days now, reading some of you things. I have a few things to comment on.

Movies - The apostle was good, but I think that "The Spitfire Grill" was better. Of course I have some bias towards it. Grill was made for about 1 mil, and was done by a Catholic church in the south that had been given a large donation and decided that it should risk the money in a sort of investment and rather than just deposit it into it's accounts. There for, Grill has tension, but has no sex, no violence, no special effects even. It is simply just well Humans living. Of all movies out of hollywood, it seems most likely to be one I could be living in, say in comparison to "the phantom menace"

I too have had problems with liberal or heretical priests who just should leave the church. >sigh< My current parish is much better, although I'm sure some would find there are problems there also.

One thing after reading your top 10 that I thought of was a booklet (say about 50 pages) by Fr. Chuck Gallager - he works with marriage encounter, and is in New Jersy. The booklet was called WORDS TO LIVE/DIE BY. and it was interesting, it began with "God loves me just the way I am" and went on to sow that while that is true, it isn't wholly true - "God loves you as you are, but wants you to be better." And it continues from there (ok, that might be the 2nd thing, not the first).

If you've not read it, I recomend it.

Alan Catelli


Good Morning, Father!

I am a Catholic mother of grown children who stumbled (sychronicity) upon your website somehow. I quite honestly do not know how I happened upon it. So much for God's plan, hey what? Part of my healing process was film. And that is how I happened upon this little gem of a film, Robert Duvall's "The Apostle." GOOD LORD, WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!!!! What an actor! What a script! More importantly, what a spiritual "connection" for the viewer! My mother's family memberes were converts to Catholicism, so many of the extended family were "evangelicals" might say "we were ecumenical before it was cool". I am quite literally taken away when I view this film.

God Bless You This Very Day with Dreams Come True.